Factors Contributing to Poor Road Visibility in Arizona

Factors Contributing to Poor Road Visibility in Arizona

On average, over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes occur each year in the United States. These accidents could occur for a variety of reasons. Often poor road conditions are a large factor in accidents occurring. Every driver must be alert and aware every they get behind the wheel because often accidents occur due to defects in the roadway. Listed below are some road defects that could contribute to poor road visibility.

Property Interference

Property that is across the road can easily interfere with road visibility. If the building is shaped weird, it can cause a driver to inch far out into the road to be able to see beyond it. Another example is if someone’s yard has an overgrown tree or bush that can construct the view of the road for drivers. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure their property doesn’t obstruct driver’s views. They will be held liable if an accident occurs.

Uneven ground

When the elevation changes while you are driving, this can greatly impact a driver’s ability to see. It can give drivers a false sense of depth perception because the road suddenly changes to a higher elevation. Visibility can also be affected when drivers are going up a large hill or down a hill, because the shape of the road changes and it can be difficult to see what is ahead.

Poor lighting

Lighting can have a large effect on a driver’s road visibility. If a road is not properly lit at night, it can be incredibly difficult to see. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on a back road, a main city road, or the highway if the road is not illuminated at night, then any driver can find it difficult to see other objects around. 

Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions can always relate to poor road visibility. If it is raining hard or hailing, often drivers will have a hard time seeing what is in front of them. If your windshield wipers won’t work fast enough to clear off your windshield, then you know the conditions are not safe. You should always act on the side of caution and pull off to the side of the road and wait until the rain slows down because approximately 21 percent of car crashes are weather-related. If you continue to drive in those conditions, you are putting yourself and other drivers in harm’s way. 

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