Fatal Road Rage Accidents Increasing in Arizona

Fatal Road Rage Accidents Increasing in Arizona

Arizona is seeing a dramatic increase in road rage incidents which are turning out to be deadly. The trend of increasing fatal accidents is something that is also happening across the country. Every year there are more than 40,000 deaths from car accidents throughout the country and every day there are over 90 live that are lost because of car accidents. The United States has more than 6 million car accidents that happen every single year.

Irresponsible driving is the cause of 33% of the fatal crashes on the nation’s roadways. Permanent injuries are also a common outcome of traffic accidents in the U.S. as every year two million people will be permanently injured. If you were harmed by a negligent driver after your Arizona car accident, contact the Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG for help with your Arizona personal injury claim. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG will help you see your full legal justice by fighting for a fair settlement on your behalf.

Road Rage Accidents in Arizona

Fatal Road Rage Accidents Increasing in ArizonaOne man has lost his life in Scottsdale in the month of January 2021 after he was shot during an Arizona road-rage incident. Multiple news outlets report that the man lost his life near Frank Loyd Wright and Via Linda. Alberto Gutier with the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety indicated that even though there are fewer people on the roads those that are driving tend to get easily worked up and enraged. Because of this, there are more incidents of violent confrontational actions by drivers.

According to data by the AGOHS, there was an increase of 42 deaths in 2020 from 2019 after fatal car accidents. Not only are drivers engaging in much more aggressive behaviors when behind the wheel, but their unsafe driving practices don’t just end there. Street racing in the city is also being noted. Street racing incredibly dangerous, as well as illegal.

When you are driving, and an aggressive driver is attacking you, the best advice is to not engage. Allow them to pass you and don’t yell back or make any encouraging gestures towards them. Interfacing with enraged individuals puts you and your car’s occupants and others on the road around you at increased risk for serious harm. You have a greater chance of avoiding damage when you take proactive steps to de-escalate intense situations. 

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If an aggressive driver targeted you and caused your Arizona car accident, you have the right to sue them for the damages they inflicted upon you. Depending on the situation of your accident, the individual that harmed you may have done so in an incredibly egregious way which could call for the addition of punitive damages on top of your settlement amount. 

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