Filing an Arizona Lawsuit with Legal Representation and Without

Filing an Arizona Lawsuit with Legal Representation and Without

There is never a good time to be the victim of an accident that results in injuries and property damages. Likewise, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who relishes taking on the legal system and dealing with the legal challenges that stand in the way of seeing justice. Despite this, there are situations that require a victim to file a lawsuit. When you have been the victim of an injury accident in Arizona that was the result of another party’s negligent actions, filing an Arizona personal injury lawsuit is a way that you can recover all of the financial burdens that you had to take on.

A victim of an injury accident in Arizona has only two years from the date of their incident to file a claim. This amount of time is Arizona’s statute of limitations. There are many steps involved in filing a claim and many actions that must be taken. Everything must be done properly to have a chance at being successful and obtaining a settlement that is fair based on the total damages the victim suffered. You can file a Phoenix personal injury claim by yourself or you can work with an Arizona personal injury attorney

How Does Filing an Arizona Personal Injury Claim Alone Differ from Using an Attorney?

Filing an Arizona Lawsuit with Legal Representation and WithoutIf you choose the file an Arizona personal injury suit, be prepared to take the following actions:

  • Review all of the details of your case and then become familiar with Arizona personal injury law. You will need to determine which laws are appropriate for your case.
  • Examine your case and go through all the damages that you encountered. Put a cost to each damage and then you can calculate the total amount of money you will want in a settlement. 
  • The facts that make up your unique accident situation will dictate which of the three court systems and what specific location will be the correct place to file your claim.
  • Collect all appropriate court forms and fill them out completely.
  • Write your claim including an explanation of why you are asking for the costs you included.
  • Review your paperwork to ensure it is signed and dated.
  • Connect with the defendant via a court summons. If you are successful and win your case, just know that the defendant still may not pay you.

When you work with an Arizona serious injury attorney at ELG you can avoid many of the headaches and work that comes with building and filing a claim. You can start the process by discussing your accident situation during a free consultation. Your attorney at ELG will get to work conducting a thorough and exhaustive investigation of your case. Then a demand letter that includes all of your damages will be sent to the liable party. A further collection of information supporting your case along with negotiations will take place. 

Speak with an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney Today

Typically, most personal injury claims end with settlements but there are times where an agreement cannot be made. Your attorney at ELG will be ready to see your case to the end and go to trial.

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