Filing an Auto Accident Claim Without Insurance

Filing an Auto Accident Claim Without Insurance

Arizona drivers are required to have a bare minimum of insurance, but for one reason or another, many people drive without coverage, either as a conscious decision or as a result of circumstances beyond their control. Regardless of the reason, you can file an auto accident claim against an at-fault Arizona driver, even without coverage of your own. 

Depending on where you live, you might be subject to “no pay, no play” laws, which prevent uninsured drivers from suing for intangible damages such as their pain and suffering or other emotional traumas. States with these systems usually demand a large deductible from uninsured drivers before they can be compensated for remaining financial costs, which could stretch into the tens of thousands. Fortunately, Arizona isn’t a “no pay, no play” state; traffic laws protect everyone (even lawbreakers), and you’ll still be able to pursue compensation without insurance. However, you’ll face unique ramifications as a result, and it might be harder than normal to receive a fair settlement.

Alternatives to Insurance

Filing an Auto Accident Claim Without InsuranceMost states, Arizona included, don’t specifically demand an insurance policy from drivers—rather, drivers need only a minimum of “coverage or financial securities,” which can take a variety of alternative forms. This financial coverage must be of at least $40,000 in Arizona and can take the form of bonds, certificates of cash deposits, or other designated, verifiable securities.

In the event of an accident, these will be used to compensate other drivers if you’re at fault, taking the place of an insurance company in the claims process. If you have no financial securities to compensate others with, insured drivers will have to make an uninsured motorist claim through their insurance company, and may sue you for further compensation.

Consequences Uninsured Drivers Face

Although uninsured drivers can file auto accident claims and sue at-fault motorists (depending on their state), driving without coverage invokes an array of penalties and fines. Familiarizing yourself with the consequences of uninsured driving can prepare you for the worst and ensure that unjust penalties aren’t leveraged against you on top of your state’s normal punishments. 

In Arizona, uninsured drivers face relatively light penalties:

  • On their first offense, uninsured drivers receive a $500 fine and a three-month suspension of their license and registration.
  • Second and third offenses increase fines to $750 and $1000 and license suspensions to six months and one year respectively.
  • Insurance rates are often significantly higher for those with uninsured driving offenses on record, as driving without coverage implies poor financial responsibility, unsafe driving practices, and a disregard for traffic laws.

Securing an Arizona Auto Accident Claim

Insurance companies and at-fault motorists can be unsympathetic to uninsured drivers, which can jeopardize your claim. You deserve fair compensation for your damages and suffering, just like anyone else, and the stress of an uninsured driving offense shouldn’t get in the way of securing a fair settlement. Our experienced accident attorneys in Arizona can give you peace of mind and handle your claim on your behalf. Level the playing field by contacting us today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation.