Golden Valley, AZ – Multi-Car Crash Causes Injuries on US 93 Near Chloride

Golden Valley, AZ – Multi-Car Crash Causes Injuries on US 93 Near Chloride

Golden Valley, AZ (July 16, 2020) – Injuries were reported after a multi-car crash occurred on US 93 near Golden Valley and Chloride on Thursday.

According to local police officers in Golden Valley, the accident occurred on US 93 southbound, just outside of Golden Valley and Chloride, around 4:30 p.m. The Arizona Department of Public Safety said that the highway was closed in the area while police investigated, near milepost 52. The affected area remained closed for several hours while officers and rescue units were at the scene.

The crash remains under investigation at this time, and updates have not been given on the victims’ conditions; however, it appears that EMTs were treating victims at the scene and did not transport any of the victims to the hospital.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families in hopes of a full recovery.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Arizona 

Golden Valley, AZ - Multi-Car Crash Causes Injuries on US 93 Near ChlorideThe Arizona Department of Transportation reported that approximately 100 fatal accidents occurred on local highways in the last year alone. Furthermore, multi-vehicle accidents on Arizona highways were responsible for hundreds of thousands of serious injuries. And though these types of injurious or fatal car accidents do not happen as commonly as other types of vehicle accidents, they cause devastating results for those involved. Oftentimes, victims and their families suffer tragic consequences for years after a serious multi-vehicle accident.

That’s why when a victim sustains injuries or even loses their life in a multi-vehicle accident, it is crucial for family members to speak with an accident attorney in Arizona.

At ELG, our Phoenix and Mesa attorneys have helped family members bear the costs and emotional damages that pile up after a car accident.

When a family files a claim against those at fault, they are able to claim damages for aspects like lost wages, funeral expenses, and other incurred damages.

After an Arizona car accident, an insurance adjuster may want to speak with you. They sound friendly and they make you think that they care about your interests. They actually may sound reassuring.

Don’t think that they are speaking with you to maximize your benefit. These representatives work for the insurance company, and in reality, it’s their bottom line that they are concerned about first and foremost, not you. They are charged with saving their insurance company money, not necessarily getting you the treatment you need.

If an insurance representative asks you to give them a statement, you may not have to do so, and it may actually not be in your best interest. In fact, at ELG, when we represent a client and an adverse insurance company asks us to allow for a recorded statement from our client, 99% of the time the answer is a definitive no! Our recommendation is to tell them you will seek out counsel first, then call us at ELG.

Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to help you navigate the legal system at this time. Please reach out to our compassionate injury attorneys today at (623) 877-3600. We are prepared to offer the help you need after you’ve suffered in an accident that occurred through no fault of your own.

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