Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can leave victims feeling uneasy and overwhelmed. Most commonly, accidents occur suddenly and without warning. Drivers can find themselves easily distracted by loud passengers, cellphones, and GPS devices. 

After an accident, victims are oftentimes unsure of what to do. Car crashes occur in varying degrees of seriousness so it is important to determine the right time to contact a personal injury attorney and discover how they can help. 

Our legal team at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS can help answer difficult questions about incidents or accidents that you may have been a part of. Contact our personal injury law firm of Arizona today to schedule a free consultation. 

When To Hire An AttorneyChandler, AZ – Two Injured in Car Crash at Alma School Rd Intersection

Deciding what to do first after being in an accident can be challenging. First thing after an accident occurs, victims should assess all damages to vehicles and persons involved. If anyone is injured, seeking out necessary medical care should happen right away. 

After victims have received the proper medical attention, they can then determine if an attorney needs to be called. The following is a list of circumstances to help accident victims conclude if their case requires a car accident attorney

  • Fatalities – If you are involved in an accident in which a fatality occurred, it is crucial to contact a personal injury attorney.
  • Serious InjuriesIf you or someone in your vehicle sustained serious injuries in an accident, contacting a personal injury lawyer may help you to obtain the necessary compensation you need to cover the cost of medical bills. 
  • Missing WorkHiring a personal injury lawyer can be helpful if you sustained injuries in an accident and are now unable to return to work due to ongoing medical problems or long-term disabilities. 
  • More Than Two Drivers Are InvolvedWhen an accident occurs between multiple drivers, a personal injury attorney can help navigate the extra complications that come with more people being involved. 
  • An Uninsured Driver Is InvolvedMost drivers have the proper insurance and trust that other drivers will as well. When this is not the case, you should contact a personal injury attorney to help ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to take care of you and your family after an accident. 
  • You’re Unhappy With Your Settlement OfferInsurance companies will use techniques and tricks to get victims to settle for low-ball settlement offers, but the right personal injury attorney will be able to fight for you to win the appropriate compensation that you deserve. 

Our Arizona car accident law firm handles all of the circumstances above and many more. It is important to remember that although the above situations are the most common, other accidents may occur that require the guidance of a respectable and skilled personal injury law firm. 


It is our mission at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS to serve our clients by providing legal representation of the highest quality for residents of Arizona. Our legal team is dedicated to supporting our clients and their families during some of the hardest times of their lives. 

We are committed to understanding the goals of our clients and creating effective legal strategies to achieve those goals. Numerous client testimonials illustrate the thorough and professional care that our legal team shows when handling cases. 

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