How Do Amputations Happen?

How Do Amputations Happen?

Car crashes happen so often they are the leading cause for many ailments, injuries, and deaths across the country and across all demographics. There are more than 6 million car crashes that happen each year in the United States and so it only makes sense why traffic incidents are the leading cause of personal injuries in the country. In severe accidents, there are a plethora of unfortunate outcomes that can result in many long-term implications for victims. Amputations are just one of the many critical and catastrophic outcomes of a car accident, and according to the Amputee Coalition, approximately 2 million people in the U.S. have had to endure an amputation.

Traumatic amputations happen most often after serious car accidents. There are many ways that a car accident can lead to an amputation, but one most notable way is via speeding. Speeding is a known cause of car accidents and when a crash happens as a result of speeding, the severity of injuries and the risk for death are both very high. When you have been in an Arizona car accident and you were injured, you are entitled to pursue compensation. The Phoenix car accident attorneys at ELG only work on personal injury cases in the state of Arizona. We are well known for providing the most elite and effective legal services to Arizonians who are injured in accidents.

Why Amputate a Limb?

How Do Amputations HappenCar accidents are behind many amputations every year. Sometimes, a limb is amputated during the accident and not by a medical professional as a result of necessary treatment. The sheer force and impact of some crashes with the crushing, sharp metal that goes along with them, a body part has the potential to be literally torn off. In other cases, a patient can be taken to a hospital and the medical team working on their injuries decides it is best to amputate because of any of the following:

  • When the soft tissue and bones cut through arteries the necessary blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to and from tissues is reduced. If blood flow has been impeded for too long tissues are starved of their needed nourishment and they will start dying. At this point, amputation will be necessary.
  • If a limb gets infected and medical attention cannot treat and fight back the infection, it will attack tissue and continue to spread throughout the body if left alone. Amputation may be the only way to stop the spread.
  • When an injury is so immense that the damage that has been done to the tissues leaves no options for repair, amputation may have to be done.

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