How Do Moving Violations Affect Arizona Car Insurance Rates?

How Do Moving Violations Affect Arizona Car Insurance Rates?

If you are driving in Arizona, or in any other state in the country, you are required to have car insurance. Each state has its own guidelines as to what type and how much is necessary, but the fact remains, it is unlawful to drive without insurance. Each individual’s premiums are influenced by a number of factors. Age, sex, driving record, DUI’s, can all factor into how much you will have to pay to be covered. In some cases, insurance companies will outright deny coverage if the individual applying for it is considered very high risk.

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When an insurance company reviews your information, they do so to determine how risky a policyholder you will be. High-risk individuals will likely face very high premiums or an inability to obtain coverage. Those with a clean record will have plenty of options to choose from and will benefit from lower rates and even discounts. It really does pay to drive safely.

When you first apply for insurance, you will have your record checked. Then it is normal practice to have your record reviewed again when it is time to renew your policy. If you experienced violations before your renewal period, you are at increased risk for increased premiums or denial of continuation of your coverage. The opposite is also true. If you are renewing your policy and old violations are no longer present, and new ones have not occurred, you may enjoy lower rates and no problems with continuing coverage. Other times that an insurance company will check your record will be when you make changes such as adding another vehicle, adding new drivers, or removing drivers.

Arizona car accidents can cause significant changes to your coverage. For instance, while minor fender benders may not cause too much fluctuation or change, major accidents when you are at-fault can result in increased costs or cancellation of coverage. Tickets can also cause changes to your coverage. A driver with a clean record who gets a speeding ticket where they weren’t driving excessively over the speed limit may not impact the driver too much. Their premiums could potentially stay the same, however, if they had a safe driver discount, that could go away.

Arizona tracks all moving violations made by drivers. Anyone under bail conditions that are also charged with a moving violation will automatically have points added to their record. Points that are attached to an Arizona driving record will stay there for one year. When your points add up to eight or more, you will either be required to attend traffic school or have your license suspended for one year.

Arizona’s driving violations come with the following points:

  • Driving under the influence is 8 points
  • Extreme driving under the influence is 8 points
  • Reckless driving is 8 points
  • Aggressive driving is 8 points
  • Hit-and-run is 6 points
  • Failure to stop or yield resulting in a fatal crash is 6 points
  • Failure to stop or  yield resulting in serious injury is 4 points
  • Speeding is 3 points
  • Driving or parking in the Gore area is 3 points
  • Moving violations are 2 points

The comparative negligence system that Arizona follows explains that any party in an accident can still recover a portion of the settlement as long as they were not 100% at-fault. If if the party that hit you was found accountable for causing 95% of the accident they can still stand to recover 5% of the final settlement amount. Speaking with a Phoenix serious injury attorney about your accident experience is a good way to learn about your legal rights and if you have the ability to obtain a settlement after your accident.

Where Can You Find Legal Representation After an Accident in Arizona?

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