How Does Clear Liability Work After an Arizona Traffic Accident?

How Does Clear Liability Work After an Arizona Traffic Accident?

Arizona’s fault system is one where all parties involved in an accident can have some amount of liability but still be able to obtain compensation. Arizona’s comparative negligence system is why this is so. That means if you were in an accident and the actions you took made you approximately 10% responsible for the collision but the other party’s actions were deemed to be 90% responsible both you and the other party can be compensated. 

After an Arizona traffic accident, victims should seek the legal counsel of a licensed and experienced Arizona personal injury attorney.  The Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG can help determine the value of your Phoenix personal injury claim and then based on how much liability you are assessed to have, you will know what to expect.

What is Clear Liability?

How Does Clear Liability Work After an Arizona Traffic AccidentTraffic accidents can be quite complicated. Depending on what type of vehicles are involved and the actions or inactions of the drivers, the elements of the environment, and other factors can make determining liability very difficult. Every personal injury case can only move forward when liability is assigned to those parties involved. When one party or entity is held liable for another party or entity’s damages, then the negligent party is legally responsible for providing compensation to cover the costs of the damages they inflicted on the other party.

There are other instances where clear liability exists. This is the best situation for a victim of an accident because when clear liability exists, obtaining compensation becomes a much easier process. When there is no doubt that one party is fully and clearly to blame for causing an accident, the whole Phoenix personal injury claim process goes much smoother. Additionally, without having any assigned fault a victim will receive 100% of the cost of the damages that they suffered.

Whether or not your accident situation was one where you have some amount of liability or one where you have no liability you will need evidence to prove your position. While you can work by yourself to gather the information necessary to support your case, when you work with the Phoenix automobile accident attorneys at ELG, you will have skillful and specialized legal counsel. ELG’s attorneys know where to get the evidence and how to compile it in a way that strengthens your suit. 

Even in situations where there is clear liability, victims must be prepared for the other party or party’s to argue that they were also to blame for some amount of the accident. This happens so that liable parties can reduce the burden they are responsible for and their insurance providers will always do what they can to lessen the money they have to pay victims. It is important that you are not assessed for more fault than you actually have.

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