How Insurance Companies Are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

How Insurance Companies Are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive changes in life and business for everyone in the United States and around the world. Companies are trying to figure out how to modify their business structure, their operations, and their work environments to make it safe for their employees to continue to work and for customers to continue to be patrons of their business. It hasn’t been easy for a lot of industries but these steps were necessary to be done to better deal with the virus. 

As you would expect, insurance companies are not different. They have figured out how to still function and of course, be profitable. As many companies have done, Arizona insurance companies have allowed their adjusters to work at their homes and while many claims continue to be processed as normal, there also have been increased reports of delays. However, even though insurance companies have made changes to their business operations, many of them have maximized the effects of the pandemic for their own financial gain. 

How Are Insurance Companies Operating During the Pandemic?

How Insurance Companies are Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

As we are seeing tremendous generosity and kindness from businesses that have the capacity to help the public who has been so negatively impacted by the pandemic do just that, several insurance companies are doing the opposite. For example, one way that an adjuster will try to reduce payments to a victim will be through efforts to diminish bodily harm. If you delay in seeking treatment, if you didn’t follow up with your appointments, if you didn’t follow your doctor’s orders, or if you simply didn’t get seen by a medical professional all of this will be used against you to lower your settlement amount.

With COVID on the scene, many people are not seeking treatment the same way they would have before the world changed. Some people may not seek treatment because they are a high-risk group who has concerns about their safety while others may live with a high-risk individual and do not want to put their health and life at risk. There are many reasons that make it more difficult to accomplish certain tasks these days with various restrictions in place. If you have a problem getting to your appointments or following your doctor’s orders because of COVID you could be putting 

your Arizona personal injury claim in jeopardy.

When this is the case, you cannot let the insurance company take advantage of your situation and devalue your Phoenix personal injury claim. Keep a written log of all the difficulties and pain you are having to endure because of your accident. Detail the reasons why you were unable to go to an appointment or engage in a therapeutic activity.

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