How Insurance Companies Try to Trick Victims Out of Fair Compensation

How Insurance Companies Try to Trick Victims Out of Fair Compensation

You are not alone when you want to come to a quick resolution and ending to your car accident claim after you were hit by a negligent driver. It is normal for all parties to want to move on as fast as possible after an Arizona car accident and each party has its reasons. The insurance companies know this and they try to capitalize as much as possible on the immediate frustration that victims feel to minimize your claim’s value and have you agree to a settlement that is much lower than you deserve.

When you work with a Phoenix automobile accident attorney, you can avoid being taken advantage of by the insurance companies. There are many strategies they employ in an attempt to have you accept a low offer, your attorney will not allow this to happen to you.

Must You Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company After an Accident?

After an Arizona car accident, your phone may start ringing and when you pick it up it is a friendly insurance agent wanting to speak with you. They sound friendly, they make you think that they care about your interests and want to ensure you are doing okay. Do not think that they are speaking with you to maximize your benefit. These agents work for the insurance company and it is their bottom line that they are concerned about first and foremost.

They will do what they can to get victims to agree to their terms or provide them with information that jeopardizes the victim’s ability to pursue a fair amount of compensation or even eliminate their chances to obtain any. Recorded statements are one of the weapons they use to have victims sabotage their claims. If an insurance agent asks you to give them a statement, you do not have to comply right there when they ask. Simply tell them you are working with an Arizona serious injury attorney and it is your right to speak with your attorney before you provide them with any statements.

Another ploy they engage in is sending you official documentation. Getting this type of mail can seem intimidating. Medical authorizations are one of the most commonly used, but there are others. Any type of documentation that requires a signature coming from the insurance company of the at-fault party should not be signed. Take the documents to your attorney and have them advise you on what to do. Do not ever proactively sign anything from the at-fault driver’s insurance company without speaking with your attorney first. Signing a medical authorization could give the insurance company a way to prove that some of the injuries you sustained after the accident were pre-existing and not a result of the accident. If they can diminish your injuries related to the accident they can try to get out of paying for the medical treatment you need to help you recover from them.

Get the Legal Representation You Need From an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

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