How Insurance Companies Try to Undermine Victims

How Insurance Companies Try to Undermine Victims

Insurance companies even your own are not trying to dish out any payments to anyone. Even though they market themselves like they are on your side, the truth is that they are in their business for themselves. They will make it as difficult as possible for victims to obtain compensation and when they are playing games with you, your Pheonix automobile accident attorney will ensure that these games don’t stand and you see your fair and full settlement.

Why Insurance Companies Play Games With Victims

It all comes down to money. If you are denied coverage, paid less than you are owed, or are discouraged from continuing to pursue your claim then the money that you deserve is kept by the insurance company. It makes financial sense to dishearten and frustrate those who are pursuing a claim because when these deceitful tactics are engaged in, they have the potential to result in a win for the insurance company even as a victim suffers.

This is where the law comes in. Insurance companies mustn’t scam their policyholders and if they don’t act in good faith by any of the following:

  • Loses your documentation
  • Won’t answer your phone calls or call you back promptly
  • Made decisions that didn’t have justification

You have the right to call them out on their behavior. As such, you can pursue a bad faith claim against them. There are many ways that insurance companies will try to get out of paying victims and you are best protected by an experienced Phoenix serious injury attorney who can identify these tactics immediately.

What Are Examples Of Insurance Company Tactics?

  • How Insurance Companies Try To Undermine VictimsActive investigations of your claim mean the insurance company is working overtime to find holes and issues with your claim. They do this so that they can find any way possible to reduce your payment or get out of paying you altogether.
  • Not covering necessary expenses such as medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, are some of the most common that build up after an accident. These costs are expensive and especially when a person is out of work and trying to recover they need the most compensation possible to cover their costs. If the insurance company is refusing to cover even a bit of your costs to help you out during the claims process, they may be trying to subvert your claim.
  • Not allowing for medical treatments is unacceptable especially when victims need certain treatments. Insurance companies have been known to do this.
  • If your insurance provider is acting recklessly and negligently, not being responsible for communication or documentation they are most likely trying to discourage you from continuing with your claim.

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