How Many Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

How Many Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

The leading cause of personal injuries in the United States is from car accidents which are easy to believe given that there are over 6 million accidents in the country each year. Because car accidents are the main factor behind these injuries, accidents are also the main driver behind lawsuits as reported by the American Bar Association. The overwhelming majority of claims will be settled outside of court, but there are a few that will go to trial.

Why Don’t The Majority Of Personal Injury Claims Go to Trial?

After accidents, most parties on both sides want to get the process over with as soon as possible. When a claim goes to trial it is drawn out and can be a very long process before a settlement is made. Then there is still a waiting time until the actual funds are delivered to the rightful party.  Additionally, the outcome of a trial is unpredictable. Judges and juries can go either way and there is no certainty on where they will fall making going to trial a gamble for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

A longer process is inherently more expensive because there are many more resources needed. When you have an experienced Arizona serious injury attorney they will be able to determine what a fair settlement for your unique accident situation will be. Experienced insurance adjusters will also be able to calculate these costs and it is most often that both of the final amounts will be fairly close. This allows for easier negotiating and coming to an agreeable resolution.

When both parties can agree on an outcome before a trial they will know what is going to happen and they will have greater control over the process. They will save more money, and they aren’t risking an outcome that may fall short of what they expected or deserve. Agreeing on the terms before trial allows both parties to move on much faster from the claim and get back to their lives more easily.

When Does A Claim Go To Trial?

How Many Personal Injury Cases Go To TrialThere are multiple opportunities to come together, but If both parties cannot agree on the outcome of their case a judge and jury will ultimately be where the claim will come to a conclusion. In some cases the will not be able to come to a settlement amount that suffices what the victim needs, and this can be a reason to go to trial. A victim may not be willing to negotiate at all, and then a trial will ensue.

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