How Much Can You Get in an Arizona Car Accident Settlement?

How Much Can You Get in an Arizona Car Accident Settlement?

It is natural to wonder if you have a valid Arizona car accident claim that would render you compensation after you have been in an accident. The amount of compensation you could recover is something that every victim of a car accident is interested to know. Considering the property damages and injuries you suffered, the bills that you will face can add up quite rapidly. When you were in an accident that was not your fault in Arizona and you are unsure about how to proceed, discussing your accident with an Arizona automobile accident attorney is a good first step to understanding what your case is worth. 

What Damages Can You Include in Your Car Accident Settlement?

The details and circumstances governing each car accident are different. These differences are what will determine what your claim is worth. The severity of your injuries, the extent of damage to your vehicle and it’s value, the type and cost of medical care are all considerations. In Arizona, damages are divided three ways:

  • Special damages are the sum of the tangible costs you directly incurred as a result of your accident. Payment for medical treatment, making up for wages that are lost due to an inability to work are examples of special damages. 
  • General damages are not tangible and can range from mild to severe and because they aren’t black and white, quantifying them is more difficult. The compensation one receives for general damages will be base don how well the victim can show or detail their trauma. Pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and psychological pain are examples of general damages.
  • Punitive damages are not awarded to every accident claim. If they are awarded, they will be an additional amount of compensation on top of the sum of the general and special damages. Punitive damages are a measure that is meant to chastise an individual for behavior which was particularly egregious, and far beyond simply being negligent. Drunk driving where significant destruction has occurred will often be a situation where the total compensation victim receivers will also include additional money in the form of punitive damages.

Figuring out a fair settlement amount when taking all the information of your accident is a task that an experienced Phoenix serious injury attorney will know how to do for you. When you work with your attorney and a dollar amount is reached, you know what your case is worth and this is a critical part of the negotiation process.  How Much Can You Get in an Arizona Car Accident Settlement?

Do You Need a Qualified Arizona Car Accident Attorney to Help You with Your Claim?

Car accidents can render a couple of thousand dollars in compensation all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more depending on the accident’s circumstances. When looking at multiple cases across the country, the average car accident settlement comes in at around $21,000. It is extremely important that when you suffer damages during an Arizona car accident, that you get a fair settlement to help you pay for your costs. If the driver who hit you was behaving in a grossly negligent way, you may also be able to have punitive damages added to your settlement amount.

The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG can discuss your accident situation with you, answer your questions, and provide you with detailed feedback on both the value of your case as well as your options for pursuing compensation. Call ELG today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.