How Much Can You Obtain in a No-Injury Arizona Car Accident?

How Much Can You Obtain in a No-Injury Arizona Car Accident?

According to the 2019 Crash Facts from the Arizona Department of Transportation, out of the 129,750 Arizona car accidents reported that year, 91,913 were property damage accidents only. Without diminishing how often injuries of some sort happen and even death in car accidents every day, it is important to note that not every incident results in physical harm to the body. When you are the victim of an accident where another negligent party hits your car and you don’t sustain injuries but your car surely has damage, you still deserve compensation and you have a right to sue for it.

The state of Arizona is an at-fault insurance state, meaning the person or people who are deemed responsible for your accident are liable to pay the costs necessary to either repair or replace your vehicle. There can be one party or more than one party responsible, but anyone with ownership of causing an accident is on the hook for the costs to the victims. It is important to connect with a qualified and experienced Phoenix automobile accident injury attorney even when you are in an accident without injuries to ensure that you obtain a fair settlement that maximizes the amount of compensation you obtain.

What are the Different Types of Compensation Available for an Arizona No-Injury Accident?

Unlike an accident where death or injuries occur, a no-injury accident is limited in the types of compensation available. Personal injury and wrongful death claims can be quite complex and there are many considerations. Damages including pain and suffering, loss of consortium, medical costs, mental trauma, and property damages are just some of the types of compensation that can be pursued. When there is a no-injury accident, only those costs associated with the damage to your personal property will be covered.

The first step is to determine who is at-fault for the accident. If you believe it is another party, you will need the backup evidence or documentation to support your claim. The police report from the accident scene, having the responding police officer connect with the insurance companies and give his testimony, or by way of an investigation by the insurance company will be helpful in proving your side of the story. Once the fault is determined, the parties who are deemed responsible will have their insurance company work with your lawyer to negotiate a fair compensation amount. 

Are you out-of-luck if the other party has no insurance? Not necessarily. You can connect with your own insurance company to cover the costs of the repairs needed for your vehicle. You could also choose to sue the individual directly, but oftentimes this route is not one that is advised. It can be long litigation that can also be highly expensive and there is no confirmation that your suit will result in the other party having enough wealth or assets to come close to covering your costs.

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How Much Can You Obtain in a No-Injury Arizona Car AccidentEvery insured driver in Arizona must at least have an insurance policy that covers $15,000 bodily injury ($30,000 per accident) by law. Hiring a Phoenix automobile accident injury attorney will ensure you get exactly what you deserve in terms of monetary recovery and not a penny less. It is easy to set up a free consultation with one of ELG’s Phoenix serious injury attorneys. Call ELG today at (623) 877-3600.