How Sound Helps Keep Motorcyclists Safe in Arizona

How Sound Helps Keep Motorcyclists Safe in Arizona

The sound a motorcycle makes isn’t just part of the way it operates, it is also a safety mechanism. Because motorcycles have much less mass and size than other vehicles, they pose a visibility problem for drivers. The sounds they make provide an audio signal that they are driving on the roads and the sound keeps other drivers well aware of their presence.

Use Of Gear Safety Gear For Motorcyclists

Modifying the exhaust system of a  motorcycle to fill the air with the loud noise associated with motorized bikes helps other drivers know of their presence. There are other tactics and gear that motorcyclists can utilize to put an exclamation point on their proximity to others. These include:

  • Loud horns that provide noise alerts. Custom horns can provide for a much louder beep that is easily heard by everyone on the road.
  • Visible clothing and gear that is neon or reflective are just as important for motorcyclists as they are for bicyclists. The extra visibility reflective tape and clothing, or neon lighting give is important specifically when the sun goes down. Noise can help a lot during the night but making sure others see the location of who is making the noise will help them avoid you while driving.
  • LED lighting increases the brightness that tells oncoming traffic you are on the other side of the road.

Motorcyclists are highly advised to invest in quality safety gear that will allow them to easily be seen and heard on the road. Additionally, a helmet should be worn for every trip even short ones. Wearing a helmet reduces head injuries in an accident by 69 percent and death by 42 percent according to the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Do You Need An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney? 

How Sound Helps Keep Motorcyclists Safe In ArizonaA  motorcycle is the riskiest and most deadly vehicle on the road for drivers. Rarely, an accident involving a motorcycle doesn’t result in at the very least, injuries. Riders should engage in all safe driving practices possible, use all safety gear every ride, and be prepared to know what to do in an emergency by taking an emergency management class. Together, these precautions along with a motorcycle driver training class to be more confident on the road can help reduce a rider’s chances of being involved in a catastrophic crash with devastating outcomes. 

If you are in a crash, remember that Arizona is an at-fault state.  The individual who causes the crash is liable for the damages. To learn more about how to pursue a personal injury claim after you have been in a motorcycle accident, speak with an Arizona motorcycle accident attorney about your case.

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