How the Elderly Can Avoid Losing Their Ability to Drive

How the Elderly Can Avoid Losing Their Ability to Drive

As we age, our bodies slow and our systems degrade. One of the most liberating things we have is our ability to drive. Driving is freedom, it allows us to manage our lives on our own which keeps us independent. However, many aging adults have to give up their ability to drive because they are unable to continue to navigate the roads and operate their vehicles safely. Being unable to drive is a difficult challenge for an older adult, and it can also be very emotional.

New research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that getting enough quality sleep and staying fit can be the key to keeping the keys for longer. When older adults engage in healthy habits like regular exercise, keeping a solid sleeping schedule, and stretching often they may be able to continue to drive safely for longer. In addition, older drivers can go to classes such as those that AAA offers as one of the many resources for older drivers that may help.

What Factors Affect Senior Driving?

How the Elderly Can Avoid Losing Their Ability to Drive

A study was done that looked at depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbance, pain interference, physical functioning, pain intensity, and participation in social activities to see which if any of these areas could impact driving. The study found that fatigue along with poor physical functioning were both issues seen in older drivers who drove less often. When an older adult is depressed, they are more likely to be less interested in driving and will more easily give it up.

When older adults exercise daily along with stretching they improve their body’s flexibility and this alone will lead to improved mobility. When we exercise daily, it also helps to strengthen our brains which can contribute to our ability to stay sharp longer. This is important for driving because being alert in the car can help drivers avoid hazards and potential accidents. Keeping a fit body is also essential to operate a car, getting in and out of cars, and putting on a seatbelt.

The type of exercise that is chosen doesn’t have to be strenuous and as long as it incorporates balance, aerobic, and strength-training activities. With these three components, positive benefits result. When a well-rounded exercise routine is being done for 2.5 to 5 hours per week, depending on the intensity, elderly adults are more likely to be able to stay independent longer. Exercise is a valuable tool to help support strong physical functioning and mental clarity.

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