How to Accident-Proof Your Passenger Cabin

How to Accident-Proof Your Passenger Cabin

Your passenger cabin is more than just a convenient place to sit. If you don’t maintain a safe, distraction-free cabin, your odds of being in an Arizona auto accident skyrocket, so it’s in your best interest to learn what dangers lurk in your vehicle and how you can responsibly address them.

Use Devices Responsibly

Arizona’s texting and driving laws prohibit the usage of cell phones without “hands-free” tools like earpieces or vehicle mounts, meaning that you can’t text, use social media, or support a phone with your body in any way. However, cell phones aren’t the only devices in your vehicle. GPS systems, radios, and even earpieces can be convenient, yet also extremely distracting if not used responsibly. Distracted driving accidents kill thousands of people every year, so only use devices in your vehicle while safely parked. Food and drink, while not explicitly a device, functionally falls into this category as well, since reaching over to grab a bite to eat will take a hand and your mind off of the road.

Focus On Driving, Not Your Passengers

How to Accident-Proof Your Passenger CabinJust like the devices in your vehicle, the passengers you ferry can be extremely distracting. Answering the occasional question or carrying on light conversation won’t severely compromise your ability to drive as long as you stay focused on the road, but having more lively conversations, laughing, or trying to get rambunctious children and pets to settle down can all be extremely impairing. Always remember that your job as a driver is to protect your passengers by driving safely, not to entertain them.

Store Your Cargo Safely

Accidents caused by unsecured cargo are surprisingly common, yet few people pay much mind to objects in their cars. Improperly stored objects usually cause accidents in one of two ways:

  • Light objects, such as trash, loose papers, or small items can suddenly shift about while driving, causing a moment of panic as you try to stop things from falling. Conversely, certain items may lodge themselves underneath the vehicle’s pedals, depriving you of control.
  • Heavy and light objects alike can all become lethal projectiles in the middle of an accident, striking passengers and shattering windows. Passengers who aren’t buckled up can fall into this category as well, colliding with others in the vehicle as a result of their negligence.

To avoid this, try to keep your car as neat and clean as possible. Keep loose items in your glovebox or in properly closed bags and cases, and store things as low to the ground and as far back in the vehicle as possible. Never place anything in the vicinity of the driver’s seat or pedals, and ensure that all passengers and animals are properly secured before you start your drive.

Get Help After Arizona Auto Accidents

If you’ve been hurt in an Arizona auto accident, items and distractions in your cabin or that of the other driver’s may have played a key role. In either scenario, it’s vital that you contact an Arizona auto accident lawyer as soon as possible to avoid jeopardizing your claim. Contact us today at (623) 877-3600 to schedule a free consultation with one of ELG’s talented attorneys, and take the first step towards the compensation you deserve.