How to Cover Damages When it Comes to Dog Bites

How to Cover Damages When it Comes to Dog Bites

Dog bites occur each and every day with approximately 1,000 individuals in the United States requiring emergency treatment as a result. In many cases, the most affected group is children. Statistics show that adults who have multiple dogs, two or more, have a five-times greater chance to be bitten than those who do not have dogs. Additionally, a dog bite occurs every 75 seconds in the country. The monetary costs associated with dog bites are estimated to be over $1 billion in losses annually to victims.

So how exactly does one pay for the damages and injuries that are associated during the aftermath of a dog bite? This may come as a surprise, but the truth is many homeowner insurances cover the costs so the victim will not have to pay out of pocket. There were $675 million in liability claims that came as a result of injuries related to canine aggression in 2018 alone.

What to do When You Have Been Bitten by a Dog

Like any accident, there are recommended steps to take when you have been the victim of a dog bite, and these include:

  1. Ask the owner of the dog for their insurance policy right after the accident as your chances are greater that they will be accommodating in providing it sooner rather than later
  2. Get your wounds checked immediately, the best place to have this done would be the emergency room. Dogs mouths are home to a diverse amount of bacteria that they can transmit to a fresh wound after a bite.
  3. Call animal control in extreme situations.
  4. You have rights after you have been injured in an accident and you can pursue a claim against the dog owner’s insurance company should you choose. If you are unsure whether to move forward or you have questions, you can always call an Arizona dog bite injury attorney with ELG Law to discuss your situation and concerns with one of our knowledgeable legal professionals. There is a two-year time limit in Arizona, which is the statute of limitations that a victim has to file a claim, so don’t delay.

Dog Bite Prevention

How to Cover Damages When it Comes to Dog BitesAccording to the CDC, there are some proactive behaviors an individual can do to minimize the risk of dog bites. These include:

  • Always ask permission from a dog owner before you reach out to an unfamiliar dog, they will tell you if the dog is friendly enough for it or not.
  • If an unfamiliar dog is off a leash and approaches you, don’t act erratically. Remain very still as to not excite or potentially overwhelm the animal.
  • Should you be knocked down by the animal, curl up and make a ball. Tuck your head and keep your ears and neck covered by your hands.
  • Be aware of any stray dogs that may be in your neighborhood behaving oddly.

Some things you should NOT do include:

  • Don’t approach a dog you don’t know
  • When a dog is near you, do not act wildly and get loud; do not run
  • Do not disturb a dog who is eating, with her pups, or startle a dog from sleep
  • Don’t train dogs to play aggressively
  • Never let small children around dogs without supervision

Dog Bite Accident Attorneys in Phoenix 

There are a number of negative outcomes that can result in victims who have been bitten. Not only is there the pain of the actual wound and the healing that is needed, but infections and diseases, including tetanus, MRSA, rabies, Capnocytophaga bacteria, and Pasteurella, can also complicate matters.  

Contact the Phoenix dog bite attorneys at ELG Law when you or a loved one has been bitten at 623-562-3838. We have resources for you at either of our Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona law offices.