How to File a Claim After an Accident Caused By Road Debris

How to File a Claim After an Accident Caused By Road Debris

It goes without saying that car accidents are a serious concern, particularly in today’s fast-paced society. If a victim sustains serious injuries, resulting in lost wages, or totals their vehicle, they could face disastrous consequences. Car accidents caused by road debris are no exception. In fact, accidents caused by road debris affect 25,000 people each year. And according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, these road debris accidents in Arizona result in several deaths yearly.

Road debris can be very difficult to control, especially in areas like high-traffic freeways with heavy and fast-moving traffic. But it’s important to know the facts about accidents caused by road debris so that you can be prepared in case it happens.

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What Should I Do After an Accident Involving Road Debris?

First, it’s vital that you contact an attorney and determine if you have a valid claim. In the personal injury claim process, the extent and severity of your injuries and your entitled damages will come into play, so it’s important to learn more about your legal options. Keep in mind that the Arizona statute of limitations is two years, so you only have two years from the date of your injury to file.

Proving Fault in a Road Debris Accident

12.11 How to File a Claim After an Accident Caused By Road DebrisNext, you’ll have to prove fault. A person injured in a road debris accident will have to first prove the object came from a specific truck. Victims may face an uphill battle as well since responsibility is often denied by the responsible driver. In some circumstances, victims may have to prove that the responsible party was negligent in securing the load.

And in the case that the identity of the vehicle or driver cannot be discovered, an injured party may be able to state a claim with their own insurance company. At this point, the victim’s Uninsured Motorist coverage comes into play.

Filing a Claim After a Wreck Caused By Debris

If you or someone you know has been injured from falling or roadway debris, call your attorney to see if you have legal recourse and file a claim. An attorney will have specialists on staff needed to perform a much deeper investigation. As mentioned previously, a specialist may be needed if you do not know or cannot prove where the debris came from.

Witness testimony is also important to gather if you have witnesses that saw the accident. Without a witness, the possible causes of road debris are vast. However, getting a good attorney goes a long way in processing your case. Attorneys can help you safeguard your legal rights in the aftermath of your road debris crash.

Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix

Personal injury claims can be daunting after a collision, but they’re important to pursue if you’ve sustained accident injuries. If you have questions about your case, contact your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can organize the facts of your case and explore your options. You may believe that you have nowhere to turn after a serious accident, but our experienced attorneys are ready to help you in your time of need.

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