How You Can Be Safer on Arizona Roads?

How You Can Be Safer on Arizona Roads?

In 2018, there were over 127,000 Arizona traffic accidents which resulted in an excess of 53,000 individuals sustaining injuries and over 1,000 lives lost. There were many reasons behind what caused these automobile accidents. Speeding was a leading factor in crashes reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation. Approximately 20,800 accidents that year were due to speed. Alcohol-related crashes were also highly cited with 4,651 occurring that year alone. 

Both driving at excessive speed and drunk driving are reckless and if you are engaged in either of these on the road and an accident results, you are likely to be liable for the resulting damages. Additionally, in both of these cases, not only will you be responsible for the resulting damages, but you may also be responsible for paying for additional punitive damages on top of the settlement amount. Speeding and drunk driving are completely avoidable. Following the rules of the road including driving at the legal speed and not driving when you are inebriated, will help keep you, your passengers, and others on the roads safer. 

How Can You Be Better Prepared When You Drive in Arizona?

Rear-end accidents are very common in the state. Many behaviors drivers engage in can take their attention away from the act of driving and in no time can result in an accident. While you have a greater impact on avoiding an accident when you see hazards or questionable driving by another motorist in-front of you, it is very hard to avoid one that comes upon you from behind. If a motorist is speeding and unable to stop in time, or is distracted and not looking at the road they can easily slam into your vehicle and cause significant destruction to your car, you, and any other passengers riding with you.

It is true that you cannot prevent all accident situations from happening but you can greatly reduce your risk for an accident if you are proactive in driving safely. Consider the following safe driving practices to better protect you and your passengers when on the road:

  • Your main focus should be getting to your destination without incident. You must assess the environment you are driving in and be alert to your surroundings so that you can avoid pitfalls.
  • Congested traffic times like rush-hour, for instance, pose an increased risk for accidents. Statistically, the more cars on the road at one time, the more likely an accident can result. Also, people sitting in traffic can be more easily frustrated which could make them be more inclined to drive aggressively which is perilous to themselves and others.
  • Allow plenty of time to get to your destination. Drivers are more prone to speed when they are pressed for time. 
  • If you are uncomfortable driving in certain conditions like ice, or if you have a harder time with visibility at night, try to avoid driving if possible.
  • Don’t tailgate other cars. When you drive too closely to another vehicle it reduces your ability to react in a rapidly changing situation and can easily result in an accident.
  • Pay attention to the road and to driving and limit all distractions.

When Should You Speak with an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney?

How You Can be Safer on Arizona RoadsIf you have been injured in an Arizona car accident, the Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG will help you with your personal injury claim. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG can be reached at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.