Important Car Maintenance Tips to Reduce Risks for Accidents

Important Car Maintenance Tips to Reduce Risks for Accidents

Alert and safe driving practices should always be practiced when getting behind the wheel. Proactive, safe driving is not the only thing one should do to reduce the risks for accidents on the road. Proper car maintenance is also vitally important to ensuring that your car is secure. Avoidable hazards like faulty brakes or tire blowouts can help minimize the probability of a very serious vehicular accident. The following maintenance actions can help better equip your automobile to take on the demands of the roads.  

Electrical System

If your battery goes bad you will be left stranded on the road. A bad electrical system will stall your car or it may affect your ability to drive. Signs of corrosion on the battery terminal or wiring cracks will indicate the need for repairs.

Wiper Blades

Like anything, wear and tear over time will break down the effectiveness of a piece of equipment. This is the case with wiper blades. Stiffness, crakes, and wear on these blades will cause them to function poorly and reduce your visibility on the road when you need it the most. If you are caught in a heavy rainstorm, you are going to need wiper blades that function well and provide you the ability to see the road and any hazards. Additionally, keeping tabs on your wiper fluids will allow you to keep your windshield unobstructed from bugs, dirt, and debris that can minimize your ability to see.


When tires wear, they lose their ability to grip the road. In very inclement situations such as rain, ice, or snow, your car will be unable to stop or be controlled while driving. Excess sliding could cause you to slip off the roadway, into another vehicle, or into another object. Keep your tires maintained through rotations, alignments, check them for their pressure, and replace them when necessary.


Improper antifreeze can lead to problems with your engine in the cold, as well as derail your heating and defrosting abilities.

Hoses and Belts

Old hoses and belts can be damaging to your engine. Since they are made of rubber they will exhibit signs of brittleness, fraying, cracks, and softer areas when they are ready to be replaced.


Your automobile can’t run and operate smoothly without quality fluids in the right amounts. Keep an eye on your car’s recommended fluid change schedule for oil, transmission power steering, and brake fluids.


Worn brake pads are a recipe for disaster on the road. Avoid catastrophic accidents by ensuring your brakes are up to doing their job.


All of your lights must work. Your headlights help you see clearly and your taillights and blinkers signal your intentions on the road to other drivers. Take a check of the lights around your car every once in a while to ensure they are working properly.

Finding An Arizona Car Accident Attorney

Important Car Maintenance Tips To Reduce Risks For AccidentsIf you were injured in an accident that was not your fault on the road, and due to the negligence of another party you deserve to be compensated for your losses and damages. Not everyone on the road does their due diligence maintaining their vehicles and as a result, they can be a hazard to other drivers. 

The Arizona auto accident attorneys at ELG can help you recoup the costs associated with your injuries and damages. Our experienced team of Phoenix car accident attorneys will examine the details of your accident and put together your strongest personal injury claim. Call us today at either Pheonix or Mesa personal injury law offices at (623) 562-3838 to discuss your claim with one of our effective attorneys.