Improper Car Maintenance Can Lead to Liability in a Crash

Improper Car Maintenance Can Lead to Liability in a Crash

More than 94% of car accidents are caused by misjudgments made by the driver. There are several poor decisions that a driver can make which puts not only themselves but others at risk for injuries or death from a traffic accident. Distracted driving, driving while inebriated, drowsy driving, and speeding are some of the most common reasons for accidents. Each one of these behaviors is avoidable, yet many drivers still do them and as a result, the nation has more than six million accidents each year. Drunk driving, for instance, causes 40% of all deaths from car accidents.

While the driver’s conduct heavily affects the potential for car accidents, poor car maintenance is also to blame for accidents. If you were hit and injured by a driver whose car malfunctioned, it could be due to improper car maintenance. Contact the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG immediately to get to work on your Arizona personal injury claim. The Phoneix personal injury attorneys at ELG are dedicated to helping victims of Arizona injury accidents see their full legal justice and obtain the compensation they are entitled to when they were harmed by a negligent party.

Can Improper Car Maintenance Be Considered Negligence?

Improper Car Maintenance Can Lead to Liability in an CrashWhen a car stops working properly it could be due to a defect in the car’s design or because of issues when it was manufactured. If this is the case, then the driver of the car that caused an accident because of a design or manufacturing issue may be able to avoid liability. However, if a car owner doesn’t properly maintain their car and something goes wrong because of that, the owner of the vehicle will be to blame for an accident that results.

For instance, if you haven’t had your car serviced and the braking system doesn’t work, this is extremely dangerous. When you are driving, and your breaks don’t slow your car down or stop it this is almost certainly going to lead to a crash and you would be at fault. As a car owner, you have a duty of care to the public to keep your car in working order so that it doesn’t pose a threat to other people. When an accident can be directly related to your neglect when it comes to your car’s maintenance, you will be responsible for compensating victims you injured.

If you do take your car to the shop for tune-ups and to address issues, and an accident still happens, there may be an argument that removes some of your liability in an accident. You may be able to say that the mechanic shop that serviced your car missed something and they should be responsible for compensating victims. In this situation, victims’ may actually benefit more because an autobody shop has the potential to have a higher amount of liability insurance.

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