Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

Lane splitting is defined by a motorcyclist who drives between two lanes of traffic that are going in the same direction. Motorcyclists will do this for many reasons but typically they bypass vehicles in slow traffic. They might also do this if they are in a rush and need to get to their next stop quickly. Rushing around and lane splitting can lead to serious injuries because most cars are not prepared to have a motorcycle slide in between lanes and cars in front of them. A study found that two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents occur due to rider error. This means an accident could occur if a motorcyclist decides to lane split. Even more serious, these accidents could be fatal. 

Arizona Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is currently illegal in the state of Arizona. No motorcycle can pass in the same lane or in between multiple lanes that are already occupied by a vehicle right next to them. This law is to protect motorcyclists and other passengers from getting into accidents. Other vehicles on the road are alert and prepared to deal with normal lane passing laws not motorcycles swerving in between lanes just because they are smaller and can fit in tiny spaces. If a motorcyclist decides to disobey the law, they could face an expensive ticket for breaking the law. If a motorcyclist causes an accident while they were lane splitting, they will be liable for any damages they cause. If they break the law and drive in between lanes they are participating in driver negligence. 

The Future Of Lane Splitting

There is a possibility that the Senate could pass a bill on the subject of lane splitting. As for now, all motorcyclists need to obey the current law and pass all vehicles normal as the law states. In 2010, Arizona lawmakers introduced a bill to legalize lane splitting throughout the state but it did not get passed. As for now, there is not enough evidence to prove it is safe for all motorcyclists and other vehicles on the road. There is no indication of whether Arizona will pass an additional law for lane splitting at this time. 

Finding An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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