Know the Dangers of Swimming Pools Before You Dive In

Know the Dangers of Swimming Pools Before You Dive In

It is hot in Arizona for most of the year but as spring moves into summer the temperatures rise rapidly. If you respond to the hot sun by heading your favorite swimming hole whether it is a pool, the beach, or a lake, you are not alone. Swimming is a refreshing and fun activity to do when you need to cool down and relax. Enjoying your time splashing about is important, but it is also critically important to know the risks before you head out so you can keep your family and yourself safe. 

Swimming pools in specific have a high propensity for accidents to take place. There are a number of factors why. If you or a loved one sustained injuries in an Arizona swimming pool, or worse lost their life, considering filing a suit against the responsible party can help you pay for the financial damages that you sustain as a result of your Arizona swimming accident. Speaking with an Arizona drowning accident attorney can help you determine if you have a case that warrants compensation.

What Are The Dangers Of Swimming Pools?

Swimming pool accidents happen every year and while they can often inflict injury, they also can cause death. At public swimming pools, it is the law that a lifeguard is on the watch. Owners of swimming pools that do not have lifeguards present must have clear signage up warning users that there is no trained water safety professional watching out. In the absence of signage or if a lifeguard on duty is careless in their duty and an accident happens, the owner of the pool could be held responsible for paying for the costs associated with the accident.

Other areas that are notably dangerous are the drains in swimming pools. Anti-entrapment devices are required by federal law to be installed. Without these devices, anyone’s hair, limbs, or clothing could be sucked up causing injury or drowning. While anyone is subject to harm if they get tangled up in a swimming pool drain that lacks the proper safety gear, little ones are particularly vulnerable to serious injury and death.

There is a reason why lifeguards will often blow their whistle when they see children running around the pool. The mix of water and hard concrete sets the stage perfectly for a slip and fall accident. Not only can a patron slip and fall on the hard concrete resulting in major injuries, but also if they slip and fall into the pool drowning is a consideration. It is imperative that pool owners ensure that their guests are safe by initiating the right precautions such as training lifeguards not to allow running in the pool area, putting up signage, and maintaining their property

Were You Or A Loved One Injured At An Arizona Public Pool?

Know The Dangers Of Swimming Pools Before You Dive InAfter an accident at an Arizona pool where there was negligence on the part of the owner or the owner’s employees, working with a Phoenix drowning accident injury lawyer at ELG is vital to your ability for recovering costs associated with your damages. You may be able to be compensated for any medical expenses you incur, the pain and suffering you had to endure, and loss of income if your injuries caused you to be unable to work.

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