Maricopa County the Most Deadly for Drivers

Maricopa County the Most Deadly for Drivers

Any driver that heads out on the roads is at risk of an accident. This is true in Arizona as well as across the country. No one can predict an accident happening but drivers can engage in proactive safe driving measures and be defensive when they are behind the wheel to reduce the risk of an accident. In Arizona, the majority of traffic accidents happen in the most populated county, that is, Maricopa. In 2019, Maricopa county had approximately 4,410,824 residents and growing. According to the data from the census in 2010, Maricopa County has had a steep rise in people moving in by 15.31%.

Phoenix, in specific, has had a boom in the number of people settling in and calling the city their home. There are several understandable reasons why Phoenix is so inviting including that the city is warm, has beautiful scenery, plenty of outdoor activities, numerous upscale golf courses and amazing resorts, great restaurants, and tremendous shopping options to name just a few things that make Phoenix incredibly attractive. Phoenix is also fairly affordable. However, when looking at the traffic data available by the Arizona Department of Transportation, Maricopa County, and particularly Phoenix, are home to the most injury and fatal traffic accidents in the state.

Maricopa County the Most Deadly for Drivers

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Why is Maricopa County so Deadly When it Comes to Traffic Accidents?

Arizona is a state of vast, open roads and there are many stretches with little to no traffic as cars pass through. This allows for a better view of the breathtaking landscape and can be incredibly enjoyable to drive through as no one enjoys sitting in traffic. More populous areas like Phoenix and other cities in Maricopa County have many residents and because of this, they also have an increased amount of drivers, pedestrians, and activity more than the rest of the state.

In 2019, Maricopa County had 97,105 total crashes. Out of all these crashes that took place in Maricopa County, 428 were fatal and 26,583 resulted in injuries. In Phoenix, there were 45,208 accidents, with 193 being fatal and 11,820 resulting in injuries. This means that of all the traffic accidents that happened in Maricopa county, Phoenix was the location for almost 45% of them. By contrast, the safest county in Maricopa came far below Phoenix. Apache Junction had only 26 crashes, none fatal, and 10 resulting in injuries.

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