Most Dangerous Roadways In Phoenix, Arizona

Most Dangerous Roadways In Phoenix, Arizona

When a pedestrian is hit by a car the results are often catastrophic. There are many things that pedestrians can do to help minimize their chances of being hit including:

  • Wearing highly visible clothing or having a flashlight or a blinking light at night.
  • Always walking facing traffic on the shoulder if there is no option for a safer sidewalk.
  • Always using designated crosswalks. 
  • Watching signs and signals such as the sign that lights up for “walk.”
  • Always being alert to your surroundings and looking for oncoming automobiles.
  • Avoiding distractions such as music or your phone.

It is not only the pedestrian’s responsibility to ensure their safety but it is also the drivers to exercise reasonable care with others on the road. Drivers should:

  • Be alert to their surroundings and watch for children and pedestrians on the road.
  • Yield to those in crosswalks.
  • Slow down when approaching a crosswalk.
  • Be extra cautious driving in inclement weather that can have reduced visibility.
  • Follow the rules of the road including the speed limit, using signals, and watching signs.
  • Avoid distractions such as eating, drinking, texting, or using a cell phone.

Pedestrian Safety In Arizona

It is always helpful for pedestrians to understand any situations which pose a greater risk to their safety including particularly dangerous roads and intersections. The Arizona Department of Transportation has a Pedestrian Action Safety Plan which has information about pedestrian accidents throughout the state. Listed below are some of the most dangerous roadways where it is advised to use extra care when in these areas to reduce your risk of an accident.

  • Greenway Road/I-17
  • 7th Avenue/I-10 Interchange
  • Cactus Road/I-17 Interchange
  • 32nd St/SR 202 Interchange
  • Bethany Home Road/I-17 Interchange
  • Camelback Road/I-17 Interchange
  • Dunlap Avenue/I-17 Interchange
  • Indian School Road/I-17 Interchange
  • I-17/Bethany Home Road
  • I-17/Northern Avenue
  • I-10/67th Avenue
  • I-10/Dysart Road
  • I-17/Glendale Avenue
  • I-17/Indian School Road
  • I-17/Thomas Road

How An Arizona Pedestrian Injury Attorney Can Help You After An Accident

Most Dangerous Roadways In Phoenix, ArizonaAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than 5,000 pedestrian fatalities each year from incidents with automobiles across the United States. Unfortunately, the state of Arizona has a particularly high amount of pedestrian accidents each year which is why it is helpful to know where to find legal representation if you have been the victim of an accident that was not your fault. The resourceful Phoenix car accident attorneys at ELG can help you obtain your deserved compensation and ensure that the settlement is fair when you have suffered injuries from an accident. You will need your settlement to help you with your damages form the accidents including injuries, loss of wages, property damages, and medical expenses.

Our effective team of Arizona serious injury lawyers will help you through the entire personal injury claim process. Don’t wait to set up a free consultation today by calling the attorneys at ELG at either our Phoenix or Mesa personal injury law offices at (623) 562-3838.