Motorcycle Passenger Safety in Arizona

Motorcycle Passenger Safety in Arizona

Motorcyclists often enjoy the thrill of the ride more than the utility of transportation. It is common for riders to enjoy their rides with others by having a passenger ride on the back of their bike. While getting in an accident can never fully be expected, they nevertheless happen. Motorcycles are the most dangerous vehicle on the road for drivers, and they are equally as dangerous for passengers.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident it is almost inevitable you will have sustained injuries. You need to obtain compensation to help you with the medical costs and other residuals that go along with accident injuries. Speaking with an Arizona motorcycle accident attorney is a good place to start discussing the possibility of a personal injury claim. 

Motorcycle Passenger Safety

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has plenty of resources that are beneficial for motorcycle riders to familiarize themselves with including classes and passenger safety information. When riding with a passenger, motorcyclists should always be aware that:

  • Adding another person to a motorcycle increases the weight of the vehicle and affects movement, maneuvering range, as well as how the bike can turn while driving on curvy roads.
  • Extra weight makes the bike have to work harder to accelerate and stay balanced, as well as affect the timing for making stops. Therefore, starting, stopping, passing, moving between lanes will all be different than riding alone, and be a bit more challenging for the driver.
  • Weight also affects brakes, specifically in the rear of the bike near where the passenger will be sitting. Brakes will have a much more pronounced response when they are engaged specifically when the driver hits them hard or fast. Smooth transitioning into braking reduces an exaggerated response.
  • Adjustments for weight when determining stopping distance also is necessary when an additional passenger is riding on a motorcycle.

Arizona Motorcycle Passenger Laws

Motorcycle Passenger Safety In ArizonaIn the state of Arizona, you can only have a passenger on your motorcycle if your bike is equipped with an additional seat and footrests. Even though it isn’t mandated by state law that any rider over the age of 18 wear a helmet, statistics show that wearing a helmet is the most important pieces of safety equipment you can utilize while on a motorcycle. It is highly advised that both you and your passenger wear a helmet on all your rides, long and short.

When you are riding with a passenger on your motorcycle chances are you are fond of them. The last thing you would want to do is put them in a position where their safety is at risk. Ensuring you understand how your motorcycle will operate in response to the extra weight is important. Don’t go out with others if you are not sure you know how to drive with an additional person on the back of your motorcycle.

Even the safest drivers can still be confronted with a disaster. Accidents happen all the time for all vehicles on the road but are specifically more pronounced with tragic outcomes for motorcyclists. If you have been injured as a passenger on a motorcycle, the  Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG can help. 

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