Motorcycle Visibility

Motorcycle Visibility

Many motor vehicle drivers on the highways lookout for other cars and trucks but oftentimes motorcycles aren’t on their radar. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in a traffic crash than passenger cars, based on the miles traveled. Motorcycle visibility is crucial when it comes to individual safety because drivers aren’t always on the lookout for motorcycles. Regardless of what you are driving, there is no excuse when it comes to motorcycles. Every driver must look out for motorcycles just as much as they do for SUVs and trucks. If you are driving a motorcycle, the more you can stand out and grab attention from other drivers, the safer you will be and the lower your chances are for an accident. Listed below are some simple ways to make your motorcycle stand out more.

Wear Bright and Reflective Safety Gear

The easiest way to be seen on a motorcycle is to wear yellow or orange. You can purchase a reflective jacket or helmet in those colors to help stay visible on the roads. It is important to add reflective gear to your wardrobe while driving a motorcycle because you take up a large amount of visible space on the bike. 

Stay Out Of Blind Spots

Don’t position your motorcycle in a place where drivers cannot see you. If you are aware of the driver’s blind spots, avoid them at all costs. When you are passing a vehicle, do it quickly so you give yourself a higher chance of drivers always seeing you on the roads.

Use Your Horn

If you think a driver doesn’t see you, tap on your horn a few times to quickly notify them. This is a very useful tool to alert a distracted driver of your presence. The majority of times, if a driver hears a horn they instantly look up to see where it came from. 

Use Reflective Tape

Using reflective tape will make you and your motorcycle more visible to other drivers. It is recommended that you put tape on the front and back of your motorcycle. You should also put reflective tape around your wheel rims because it will allow other drivers to see you more clearly in the dark. 

Tap Your Brakes

Tapping your brakes will create flashing lights that will hopefully grab the attention of other drivers behind you. It is important to alert other drivers that you are stopping so they can prepare to stop their vehicles in advance and avoid collisions. This is a simple tactic you can utilize at any moment on the highway. 

Auxiliary Lights

 Auxiliary lights will benefit you by providing additional light for you to see better at night along with alerting other drivers of your whereabouts. You can add these lights to the front and back of your motorcycle. It is important to keep your bike well lit at night so drivers are aware that you are on the road.

Finding An Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney

5 Tips To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents In Phoenix

Motorcycle accidents can be very overwhelming and dangerous causing serious injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to the negligent actions of another individual, consult with a motorcycle accident attorney to explore your options. Fight your legal rights and seek help from a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney at ELG. Our experienced team of Phoenix attorneys wants to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation, while you can focus on your recovery. Contact us to find out how our motorcycle accident attorneys at ELG can assist you. Call us today at either Phoenix or Mesa Arizona law offices at (623) 877-3600.