Motorcyclist Injuries From Drunk Drivers

Motorcyclist Injuries From Drunk Drivers

Driving a motorcycle is a fun pastime for many but it also comes with significant safety concerns. Motorcyclists have a much higher probability of serious injury and death in traffic accidents than those who ride in passenger vehicles. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are 35 times more likely to die from a traffic accident than their passenger vehicle counterparts. Many factors contribute to motorcycle accidents including speed which can lead to a motorcyclist losing control over their vehicle, other drivers not being able to see motorcyclists, and drunk drivers who hit motorcyclists to name a few. 

Drunk driving accidents that occur between two passenger vehicles are often deadly. When a passenger vehicle recklessly hits a motorcyclist on the road, the increase in the risk for death specifically for the motorcyclist is at an all-time high. If you have been hit by a reckless, drunk driver on the road you deserve to see your full justice and obtain compensation for your injuries. A qualified Arizona motorcycle accident attorney at ELG can advise you on your rights and help you file a successful personal injury claim.

Motorcycle Injuries in Arizona

The seriousness of injuries for motorcyclists hit on the road can not be understated. Head injuries are the most commonly seen from motorcycle accidents and they are also the main reason behind motorcyclist death. Motorcyclists need to wear the right safety gear so that they can help reduce their risk of death and serious injuries. Helmets are the most proactive and safest piece of equipment that a rider can utilize. Helmets can reduce the risk of serious injuries and death by 37 percent. Broken bones, lacerations, organ damages, extensive bruising, emotional trauma, and permanent disability and disfigurement are just some of the other serious injuries that result from motorcycle accidents.

Helmets are required to be worn by those riders who are under 18 years-of-age in the state of Arizona. Those who are older than 18 years-of-age have the option of whether or not to wear a helmet. Additionally, helmets are helpful for a strong personal injury claim. When an accident occurs and a motorcyclist has not worn a helmet a negligent driver can argue that the lack of helmet use is what leads to the injuries and their severity.

Finding Aggressive Legal Representation in Arizona After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Injuries From Drunk DriversThere are specific steps that all victims should do after an accident. Seeking medical attention is the first step to ensure optimal health and well-being and to make sure that you have a plan for recovery. The next step is to speak with a qualified Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney at ELG. One of our dedicated Phoenix serious injury lawyers will discuss your accident experience with you and provide you with the legal representation and guidance you need to obtain your highest amount of compensation.

We are here to help you anytime you require legal assistance and we care about you seeing you seeing your best outcome after a traumatic accident. Call us today at either our  Pheonix or Mesa personal injury law offices at (623) 562-3838 and set up a free consultation with one of our resourceful and knowledgeable serious injury attorneys.