Obtaining Compensation for Nerve Damage from an Arizona Traffic Accident

Obtaining Compensation for Nerve Damage from an Arizona Traffic Accident

Car accidents are shocking and unexpected and no one sets out onto the road expecting that they will get into a crash. Depending on how serious a crash is, victims can suffer a wide range of physical harm and emotional trauma. It is common for the body to suffer some extent of nerve damage when it experiences impact and injury. Weather glass from broken windows penetrates the body, a victim’s head slams against the steering wheel, or a side of the car is crushed into a body, the resulting nerve damages can require a significant amount of medical treatment and therapy. Recovering from nerve damage can be extremely painful, take a long time to heal, and may in some cases never fully regenerate and get better.

If you have been in an Arizona car accident where you suffered nerve damage, connect with the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG. The Phoenix car accident attorneys at ELG will review the details of your accident situation to build a strong Arizona personal injury claim on your behalf that also has the highest value. You deserve to recover compensation for all of the harm you suffered.

How Can You Obtain Compensation for Nerve Damage Injuries?

Obtaining Compensation for Nerve Damage from an Arizona Traffic AccidentYou have nerves that run all throughout your body and your nerves are very important to functioning. Your Autonomic nerves regulate unconscious body functions such as blood pressure. Motor nerves control communications that relate to movement. Sensory nerves help you feel and have sensations. Impact trauma like compression, crushing, severing, pinching, or stretching can lead to nerve damage that can make it much harder to go about daily life.

If your nerve damage results in neurapraxia, your nerve remains whole and so there is a good possibility that victims will be able to recover completely. Victims that suffer axonotmesis will have a nerve impaired and because of this, they won’t have feeling or control of motor functions over the long-term. Axonotmesis can also lead to permanent harm. Neurotmesis is the complete destruction of the nerve which will mean life-long disablement.

The amount of money you can obtain in a settlement will depend on multiple factors. The more severe your injuries are the more medical treatment and interventions will be required. Medical care is costly and when there is a lot to be done, a victim’s bills will be high. A Phoenix personal injury claim should include all of these expenses. The amount of pain and suffering a victim has to endure will also play a part in determining a claim’s value. Due to Arizona’s comparative negligence system, the amount of liability you have for the accident that caused your injuries will also be a consideration impacting your final settlement.

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