Parking Lot Accidents in Arizona

Parking Lot Accidents in Arizona

Parking lots are far more dangerous than one may think. When you are running your errands you go store to store not even thinking about the hazards that exist in parking lots. In Arizona, parking lot accidents happen all the time. People not paying attention, distracted by children or their phones, are just a couple of the dangers individuals face when in a parking lot face. It is important to pay attention when you are in a parking lot. 

Parking lot accidents can happen between pedestrians and cars just as much as they take place between multiple automobiles. There is a lot of chaos happening in a parking lot with multiple cars moving about, people, carts, children, and even animals. There are also premise hazards that may exist such as poor security, uneven surfaces, and slick surfaces which can add to the risks. If you have been injured in a parking lot accident it is important that you recover the costs associated with your damages. The Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG can help you with your personal injury claim.

What Injuries Are Associated With Parking Lot Accidents?

Cars that collide can have very serious damages as well as injuries. However, the most severe injuries come to pedestrians who are hit by cars. Even when a vehicle is moving at a low-speed, if it hits a pedestrian the outcome could be life-threatening. On average, a passenger vehicle is 3,0000 lbs. That is a lot of force coming into contact with a human body. Some of the most common injuries associated with parking lot accidents include:

  • Multiple bone fractures
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Chest and face injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord damages
  • Internal organ damage
  • Lacerations and bruising

If the grounds are unsafe you may slip-and-fall and sustain injuries. The elderly are the highest risk for slip-and-fall injuries leading to massive damage and injury. They also have the hardest time recovering from their wounds. If you fell on a business’s property and that resulted in injuries, you can pursue a claim for compensation. The Phoenix slip-and-fall injury attorneys at ELG will provide you with the best legal representation available. Injuries that you can suffer from a slip-and-fall include:

  • Broken bones
  • Sprained ankles or wrists
  • Knee injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Spine and nerve damage
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Cuts and bruises

How Can You Obtain Legal Representation In Arizona After An Injury Accident?

Parking Lot Accidents In ArizonaAfter an accident where you were injured, you need effective and aggressive legal representation. The bilingual team at ELG offers many years of experience representing victims in the state of Arizona. We are dedicated to helping victims in our state see their full legal justice after they are harmed by a negligent party.

Call the experienced lawyers at ELG today at (623) 562-3838 to set up your free consultation at either of our locations in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona. Your consultation takes very little time. It is an opportunity for you to explain your accident experience and for us to get a better understanding of our situation.