Pedestrian Rights in Arizona

Pedestrian Rights in Arizona

Each year, many lives are taken in pedestrian accidents in Arizona. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported a total of 245 pedestrian deaths in 2018. The majority of times these accidents are very preventable. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings whether you are driving a vehicle or walking alongside traffic. You should always take a double look before crossing the street or driving through an intersection. It is important to be aware of the laws regarding pedestrian rights so horrific pedestrian accidents can be prevented. 

Who Is A Pedestrian?

The state of Arizona has different clauses that define who a pedestrian is to protect them. The law states that a pedestrian is any person who is traveling on foot. This definition also includes any individual who needs to utilize an electric personal assistive mobility device. Motorized scooters or manual wheelchairs fall into that category. These devices are self-balancing and have two wheels. Furthermore, they are powered by an electric system that only allows the device to travel less than fifteen miles per hour. If it drives faster than fifteen miles per hour, it does not fall into this category. Also, only one individual is allowed to be transported by this device.  

Pedestrians And Crosswalk Laws

Every state has different rules and regulations on crosswalks and who has the right of way. In Arizona, the law states that crosswalks without traffic signals give automatic right of way rights to pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right to use crosswalks without yielding to traffic if there are no traffic signals. Even though this is the law, pedestrians should still be alert when they step into a crosswalk. They should never walk into a crosswalk without looking both ways because they could accident step out in front of oncoming traffic. 

Furthermore, there are different rules for different intersections and crosswalks. Intersections with traffic signals do not automatically give pedestrians the right of way. Different signals will tell pedestrians when they are allowed to cross the road. When the signal says it’s safe to walk, then the pedestrian has the green light to walk across the street. If a pedestrian is already halfway across the crosswalk when the signal ends, the driver must yield to the pedestrian. They could be held liable for drivers’ negligence if they don’t yield to them.

Finding An Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

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 Being involved in any type of personal injury accident can be very stressful. These accidents can leave individuals feeling very confused. There are different legal regulations regarding pedestrians in the state of Arizona. The personal injury attorneys at ELG want to help you with your personal injury accident. We will investigate your accident and help you file the best legal claim on your behalf. We want to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation.  Contact our highly trained Phoenix attorneys at ELG to set up a consultation. Call us today at either Phoenix or Mesa Arizona law offices at (623) 877-3600.