Phoenix, AZ – Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on SR 51 at 32nd St

Phoenix, AZ – Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on SR 51 at 32nd St

Phoenix, AZ (September 27, 2020) – State Route 51 northbound at 32nd Street was closed for several hours after a car crash left at least one person seriously injured.

Per reports from the Glendale Police Department, the accident happened around 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 27th. The crash shut down the northbound lanes at 32nd Street. Officials with the Department of Public Safety said that the driver of a sedan was traveling on the freeway in the northbound lanes when they collided with another passenger vehicle.

According to information from EMTs at the scene, at least one person was injured in the wreck and may have been transported to a local medical center.

It’s unclear how the accident was caused, though investigators are still piecing together the events leading up to the crash. The accident remains under investigation, and no word on the victims’ current conditions has been given.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families. We hope for their full recovery.

Serious Injury Crashes in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ - Injuries Reported in Multi-Car Crash on SR 51 at 32nd StPer a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Arizona is one of the top five most dangerous states in the country for drivers. Fatalities and injuries from accidents are especially prevalent during the warmer months between May and September.

Victims of these injurious crashes go through physical and emotional trauma, often having to document their injuries, negotiate with insurance companies, and even deal with job loss. But individuals who are affected can seek help from a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, especially if they’ve been involved in an accident that’s caused by the negligent actions of another driver.

After an Arizona car accident, your phone may start ringing, and when you pick it up, it is a friendly insurance adjuster wanting to speak with you. They sound friendly and they make you think that they care about your interests. They actually may sound reassuring. However, be aware that if an insurance representative asks you to give them a statement, you may not have to do so, and it may actually not be in your best interest. In fact, at ELG, when we represent a client and an adverse insurance company asks us to allow for a recorded statement from our client, 99% of the time the answer is a definitive no!

Our experienced car accident attorneys have advocated for many victims involved in accidents. As you face a wide variety of damages and seek your fair compensation after a crash, you may have questions about safeguarding your legal rights.

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