Proper Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Proper Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Some of the most important features of your car that will keep you safe and for which you should spend the time maintaining are your car’s tires. Putting time into finding the best type of tire with the best traction rating for your car and your needs and doing a bit of maintenance is essential to keeping up their integrity. Many people think that when it is time to purchase new tires, that is all they have to do and once the tires are replaced they are done. This is not true.

To stay as safe as possible in your vehicle and on the road, it is every car owner’s responsibility to keep up with proper maintenance. If you don’t properly maintain your car and it malfunctions or something goes wrong and you lose control of it and that causes an accident, you are likely going to face a lawsuit. Anyone who is involved in a car accident that sustains injuries is entitled to suing for compensation. The Phoenix car accident attorneys at ELG can provide you with the resourceful and experienced legal counsel you need to secure the most compensation from your claim.

What Type of Maintenance Do Care Tires Need?

Proper Car Tire Maintenance TipsThe first part of proper car tire maintenance is buying the right tires and the right amount of tires for your car and your needs. Pretty much all cars have what are called “all-season” tires. These tires are supposed to be effective in all types of weather environments. There are specialty tires, such as snow tires which are specifically designed to handle the unique conditions of the snow. If you know you will drive in snowy conditions at any point, having a pair of snow tires can help you keep better control over your vehicle. If you are a driver that requires a specialty tire, make sure to buy new tires two at a time. If you buy these tires separately the uneven wear from one tire to the next could cause balance and performance issues. It also decreases the effectiveness of a specialty tire.

Just as it is important to buy specialty tires in pairs, it is equally as important to buy you all-season tires four-at-a-time. If financially you don’t have the means or some other reason prevents you from replacing every tire in one shot, choose to buy a pair of tires to replace those in the back first. This allows you to keep maximum traction that can help prevent your car from spinning out should you have to unexpectedly swerve out of the way of a road hazard.

Other tire maintenance to consider includes:

  • Make sure to have your tires rotated for each 5,000 to 7,000 miles you travel.
  • Always at least replace tires in pairs, it is not advisable to only replace one tire at a time.
  • Tires lose pressure each month and can lose pressure when the temperature fluctuates. Tires that aren’t properly inflated are dangerous, inefficient as they reduce gas mileage, and can lead to blowouts. Inspect the appearance of your car’s tires as well as check their tire pressure on a monthly basis.

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