Providing Aid To Motorcycle Accident Victims In Arizona

Providing Aid To Motorcycle Accident Victims In Arizona

Motorcycle accidents are often very disastrous for riders. The earlier that first responders can get to the accident scene and help an injured motorcyclist, the better the chances that a person has to reduce the severity of their injuries or to avoid death. Depending on where the accident takes place, it can take a while for trained professionals to arrive at the scene. This is why anyone who is in the vicinity of the accident who can help the injured rider has the opportunity to provide immediate care to help the injured party survive. Not everyone knows how to assist a severely injured individual, making it highly important for all motorcyclists to get training. If riding in groups, someone will be able to provide aid during an accident.

What To Do If You Witness An Accident

If you are in a group of motorcyclists or if you are driving by a motorcycle or automobile crash and first responders have not arrived at the scene, pull your vehicle over to the side of the road. If there is a person in the middle of the road, use your vehicle to shield their body and act as a barrier. Make sure that your emergency flashers are on to allow others to see you. While assessing the scene, remain calm so you can think clearly and make the most rational decisions necessary to help. If someone at the accident scene is panicking, try not to let them get you worked up. If you can, keep your calm so others around you have the chance to also calm down.

Examine the accident scene so if you are calling for emergency assistance you can provide them with the important details they need. It can also help you understand the situation so you can better help victims and also to keep yourself safe. Things that you may notice would be the smell of gas or smoke, looking for hazards like downed wires, you may also see children who have not been injured that need to be safely transported to a secure location.

After you have taken in the accident scene it is time to call for help. While on the phone, you can ask about instruction on providing first aid. If there is anyone else helping out, make sure that someone keeps oncoming traffic alert to the accident so others on the road know to slow down.

Tips For Providing Aid

Providing Aid To Motocycle Accident Victims In ArizonaWhen you are willing and able to help a victim at an accident scene, check to see if they are conscious. If they are conscious, ask permission to help. If a victim does not want your aid, and you provide it any way you could face legal jeopardy.  You must always gain consent where possible. Never move a victim unless there is immediate danger like a raging fire. If there is no imminent danger, stay with the victim without moving them until medical professionals arrive. Moving a victim increases the risk that you could inflict more harm by furthering their injuries or causing new injuries.

Determine if the victim is breathing. If they are not breathing you may have to administer CPR. The American Red Cross provides CPR courses you can register to take so that you are prepared in an emergency to help another. Something anyone can do without training is to provide comfort to victims that are hurt, scared, and startled. Using reassuring words or holding a person’s hand while they wait for help can provide helpful support that will go a long way. Once emergency personnel arrives, make sure to answer all of their questions and let them know about any aid that you administered.

Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You With A Personal Injury Claim

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