Questions for Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Questions for Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you choose to file a personal injury lawsuit, it’s vital to be aware of the details of personal injury and the questions to ask your lawyer. And it’s critical to find a personal injury lawyer who will be a good fit for you and your particular situation.

Once you’ve organized the details of your case, it’s time to search for your attorney. Furthermore, you’ll want to find a firm that specializes in personal injury law, make a consultation appointment, and bring a list of your essential questions. 

Personal Injury Claims

First, know that personal injury is any physical injury inflicted on an individual’s body. Remember that personal injury is an element of civil law in which the plaintiff is the person injured. As a result, victims who file personal injury lawsuits receive compensation for accidents or wrongdoing on the part of the defendant.

When an accident results in a wrongful death from personal injury, the plaintiff will be the representative of the victim’s estate. 

The Different Types of Personal Injury Include:

  • False arrest, detention or imprisonment.
  • Malicious prosecution.
  • The wrongful eviction from, unauthorized and wrongful entry into, or invasion of the right of private occupancy of a dwelling that a person occupies. This could be committed by or on behalf of its owner, landlord or lessor.
  • Oral, written or electronic publication of material that slanders a person or organization. 
  • Oral, written or electronic publication of material that violates a person’s right to privacy.

Liability in Personal Injury

Liability comes into play regarding personal injury. For example, if someone sustained injuries in a car accident, they may also be partially at fault for that accident. In fact, if the injured individual is more than 50 percent at fault for an incident, they will not receive compensation for personal injury.

Case Outcomes

Now that you know a few essential terms, it’s time to interview your attorney. If the lawyer you’re interviewing has handled cases similar to yours, ask about their outcomes. These questions can help you ensure that your lawyer can win cases for their clients. At that point, your lawyer can help you receive substantial payouts.

Compensation plays an even bigger role. In other words, an individual who has sustained bodily injury or personal injury may receive compensation for several expenses, including lost wages, medical bills, and other long-term costs. 

Ideally, your personal injury lawyer has experience with positive case outcomes. For this reason, it’s vital to choose a lawyer who has represented clients under similar circumstances. Lawyers with this background will have a more valuable understanding and an advantage as they move forward.

Personal Injury Attorney in Arizona

It can be difficult to know how to approach your claim. However, you don’t have to go through this stressful time alone. The accident attorneys at ELG want to help you determine your best legal options. Contact our experienced, compassionate Phoenix attorneys today to set up a consultation. When you’re ready, call us at our Phoenix or Mesa Arizona law offices at (623) 877-3600, and learn more about safeguarding your legal rights.