Running Red Light Dangers and Prevention

Running Red Light Dangers and Prevention

Many traffic accidents occur from individuals failing to follow traffic signals such as running red lights. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, running a red is the most common cause of all urban traffic accidents. Research shows that every 20 minutes someone runs a red light at an urban intersection. It is crucial for individuals on the roadways need to be more aware of the traffic signals around them and drive cautiously every time they drive.


Running a red light is incredibly dangerous. The National Coalition for Safer Roads reported that more than 3.7 million people ran a red light last year. Additionally, within the last decade, about 9,000 individuals have died in accidents relating to running red lights. Running a red light not only causes serious accidents, but it is also against the law. When you run a red light, you are at a high risk of hitting another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. This can lead to serious life-threatening injuries or even fatalities. 


Running a red light is dangerous for everyone driving on the roadways. It can impact the driver, all passengers, other vehicles on the road, and pedestrians. If you run a red light, there are penalties associated with that action. You will receive a ticket which costs about $250 and two points to your driver’s license. In Arizona, there are traffic lights that have installed red-light cameras and they will take a picture of vehicle license plates that run red lights. You will receive a ticket in the mail if you are caught running a red light this way. Running Red Light Dangers and Prevention


Accidents that are caused by running a red light are completely preventable. The law states that every driver must stop at a red light and follow the proper traffic signals. Listed below are some helpful tips drivers should follow to help reduce the risk of running a red light:

  • Be Alert: It is crucial to be alert and aware every time you sit in the driver’s seat to operate a vehicle. Don’t ever drive while you are fatigued or distracted. This will take your attention away from driving and could result in slower reaction times. 
  • Do Not Speed: Make sure you drive the speed limit. If you are speeding when cars abruptly stop in front of you, this could cause a serious accident. Speeding could also affect your ability to react to a yellow light and stop at the appropriate time. You must stop your vehicle once the light turns red, and if you are speeding while the light turns yellow it will be more difficult to come to a complete stop by the time the light turns red.
  • Know Your State’s Laws: Every state has different laws regarding whether you can enter an intersection during a yellow light. Arizona state laws affirm that a driver can legally enter the intersection while the light is yellow, as long as the entire vehicle is through the intersection before the light turns to red. Everyone should understand their state laws so they can avoid traffic tickets and running red lights.

Running a red light is a choice. Every driver has the choice to slow down when the light turns yellow so they can come to a complete stop by the time the light turns red.

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