Safe Driving Practices In Arizona

Safe Driving Practices In Arizona

You can only control yourself on the roads, so driving defensively is an effective way to decrease the risk of accidents. Not every roadway and not every situation are the same, so there are some tips that can increase your chances of improved safety and may even help save your life when you head out.


  • Be aware of everything that is happening not just directly in front of you, but also a ways ahead of you so you can anticipate what is to come. Situational awareness allows you to see what is coming and react in an appropriate and timely manner to decrease your chances of hitting another car or having another car hit you.
  • Be aware of all that surrounds you because if you need to make a quick movement, you need to know where the safest place possible will be. When an emergency situation arrives, having an escape route to safely veer off the road or around a hazard is very helpful to keep in the back of your mind.
  • Always, in every situation, ensure you have enough space between you and all the cars around you, including those in the front and the back. If someone is tailgating you, move over and allow them to pass you. Don’t tailgate another car on the road. These distances can change depending on environmental conditions. Here are some considerations for those conditions you may face on days that aren’t perfectly sunny and dry:
    • Dry roads allow for a minimum of two seconds between those vehicles moving around you
    • Poor visibility allows for four seconds
    • Wet, slippery, and inclement weather allows for six seconds
    • Extra distance is never a bad idea, and all of these recommendations are just minimums, so you can always add more space between vehicles
  • Reduce and eliminate distractions. This means keeping your phone out of your hands, not fiddling with technology built into the car, like GPS or radio, not allowing passengers to be too rowdy while driving, and even pets can be a distraction, so you may consider keeping them at home while driving. Distracted driving is becoming more and more of a safety hazard on the road, with this dangerous phenomenon claiming 3,166 lives in 2017
  • Do not engage in aggressive driving or engage with other drivers who are being aggressive on the roads. If another driver is acting erratically or acting in a hostile manner, stay away from them. Even if that means you need to move over to let them pass by you, staying as far away from drivers who are aggressive is always a good idea. Another tip with aggressive drivers is not to make eye contact with them when they are working their way around you because this can elicit further anger by an already frustrated individual.

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Safe Driving Practices to Increase Accident PreventionCar accidents are almost unavoidable especially if you drive often. However, the risks you take when you hit the open road can be greatly reduced by driving defensively and implementing safe driving practices. Should you find yourself in a situation where you have been injured by the negligent acts of an aggressive driver, your best chances of seeing your full legal justice are to contact one of our Arizona automobile accident injury attorneys at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC.

Our team of Phoenix automobile accident attorneys will fight aggressively to ensure you see the highest amount of compensation for your damages. We are here to help victims across the State of Arizona and we will defend your rights. Call our Phoenix or Mesa Arizona law offices today at 623-562-3838 to discuss your claim with one of our effective attorneys.