Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

Safe Driving Tips for Seniors

As we age it becomes harder to complete certain tasks as successfully as we used to when we were younger. Our bodies slow down, our reaction time is hampered, our eyesight is limited, and our memory gets fuzzy. Many mature adults are also frequently on one or more medications that could potentially impact their driving abilities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that as many as four out of five senior adults take at least one medication if not more regularly. Everyone ages at a different rate and experiences the symptoms of aging in different ways so it is important to keep a regular check on your health especially if you plan on driving.  

Statistics For Driving Senior Citizens In The United States

According to the CDC, in 2015:

  • The rate of drivers aged 65 years and older is increasing rapidly. There were 40 million in 2015 which was a 50 percent increase from the amount that was on the roads in 1999.
  • Approximately 7,700 seniors were killed in motor vehicle accidents and nearly 257,000 were treated in emergency departments after car crashes.

When seniors are in accidents the injuries tend to be more serious than their younger counterparts and lead to death at a higher rate. Fatal accidents have a significant increase in the older population at around 70 years of age. Those drivers who are still behind the wheel when they are 85 are the highest risk for fatal crashes. As seen in most accident statistics, men have still held the highest death rates when compared to females.

How Can Seniors Stay Safe On The Road?

If you are a caregiver for an older individual or if you are a driver that is advancing in age, consider the following safe driving tips:

  • Meet with your doctor to discuss your health and find out if any conditions may inhibit your ability to drive safely.
  • Make a list of your prescriptions and take them to either your doctor or your pharmacist so they can provide you with information regarding any side effects they may cause which you should be aware of if you drive.
  • Have an eye exam done each year to update current eye prescriptions or to obtain new visual prescriptions.
  • Make sure you know your directions and the routes you are going to take before you go out so you don’t get flustered on the road and you know where there is accessible parking.
  • Don’t drive during inclement weather or at night when visibility is low if you can manage.
  • Give other transportation services a try such as public transportation, riding with loved ones, or using a car ride service.

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