Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but motorcyclists should be aware that riding comes with certain risks. Thankfully, riders can employ a number of safety tips to ensure their peace of mind on the road. 

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Avoid Peak Traffic and Highways

First, avoid peak traffic times if possible. For example, Arizona highways are packed with traffic during the morning and evening commutes. Therefore, choosing times to ride when less traffic is on the roads can help you avoid an accident. Typically, the mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours see lighter traffic in many areas, particularly during the week.

Furthermore, finding rural or residential roads that parallel major thoroughfares allow motorcyclists to travel without exposing themselves to the risks of the main road. When motorcyclists avoid these high-traffic areas, their risk of being involved in an accident is decreased.

Limit Night Riding

Occasionally, riding after dark is necessary, especially if you lose track of time. However, riding once the sun goes down is only safe if you’re riding in well-lit urban or suburban areas. Rural areas can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists at night. The lack of light of these rural highways makes it far more difficult to spot roadway hazards, such as oncoming animals, until it is too late to prevent a crash. And since the number of drunk or drowsy drivers on the road is higher at night, motorcyclists run the risk of getting into a dangerous collision.

Check the Weather

It almost goes without saying, but motorcyclists should check the weather before embarking on a ride. Precipitation of any kind can turn a pleasant ride into a dangerous one quickly. So, when you’re planning your ride, check the weather report in your area for the next several hours. The local weather radar will show any developing storm systems and any predictions for the time that you’re riding.

Dress Properly for the Ride

Don’t choose your gear based on the time of day you plan to ride or even for the weather. Rather than choosing your dress for the day, always dress for your ride. This will mean wearing protective layers, including boots, gloves, and a helmet. It’s imperative that you always wear these items so that you’re protected in case a crash occurs. Leather and Kevlar fibers may be uncomfortable when it’s hot outside, but this clothing recommended for motorcyclists will significantly reduce your risk of serious injuries if an accident occurs.

The only exception to this rule will be eye protection. Motorcyclists should choose their eyewear based on the weather, as well as the time of day. For example, riders should wear shatterproof sunglasses when it’s sunny outside and clear eye protection at night.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Arizona

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