Signs a Driver is Under the Influence

Signs a Driver is Under the Influence

Drunk driving accidents are not uncommon and while they are more prevalent at night and in the early morning hours they can happen at any time of the day or night. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that every day one life is lost in a drunk driving crash every 50 minutes. Anyone on the road is vulnerable when a drunk or high driver is near. 

How Can You Tell If A Driver Has Prescription Drugs Or Alcohol In Their System?

According to the Mayo Clinic, these are signs that a person exhibits when they have prescription drugs or alcohol in their system:

  1. Some of the most popular prescriptions that are abused are opioids. These medications are meant to help ease pain and they also cause a person to feel elated. Additionally, they cause people to feel tired and very drowsy. A person who has trouble keeping their eyes open is a red flag.
  2. When a person can’t concentrate, seems confused, appears dazed they may have medications in their system. 
  3. An individual who appears overly agitated and hyped up may have a stimulant in their system. When a person abuses these medications and takes more than what is prescribed they can feel extremely anxious and unnerved. 
  4. The inability to communicate effectively and clearly is another sign. Slurring speech or not making sense with words when speaking could be either prescription drugs or alcohol. When motor functions are limited, it is clearly visible in the behavior and actions of an individual.
  5. A person who is erratic and appears like a threat is a sign that there might be something in their system. Excessive paranoia from prescriptions may cause people to become very violent and hostile. If you sense this is the case, do not confront the individual and instead wait for the police.

How Are Drivers With Illicit Drugs Or Alcohol In Their System Treated In Arizona?

Signs A Driver Is Under The InfluenceIf you have been hit by a driver that exhibited symptoms consistent with drugs or alcohol, you must tell the police officer who arrives at the accident scene. It is not acceptable to be driving and have alcohol or illicit drugs in your system. The state has a “zero tolerance” policy for this behavior and there are strict penalties if you are under the influence when during an accident.

Arizona has some of the most strict DUI laws in the country. Driving with a BAC of 0.08% is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor. First-time offenders can face fines upwards of $2,500 and jail time up to 360 days. There may also be community service hours and probation associated with penalties. 

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