Tempe, AZ – Details Released After Self-Driving Car Hits & Kills Elaine Herzberg at Mill Ave

Tempe, AZ – Details Released After Self-Driving Car Hits & Kills Elaine Herzberg at Mill Ave

Tempe, AZ (October 18, 2019) – The National Transportation Safety Board is still investigating the first fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle in Tempe last year.

According to reports, Elaine Herzberg died last March when an Uber vehicle struck her as she walked across Mill Avenue in Tempe. A preliminary report released by the board said that the Uber vehicle’s autonomous driving system spotted Herzberg before hitting her. However, the system typically used to apply brakes in potentially dangerous situations automatically had been disabled. Tempe Authorities say records show the backup driver operating the Uber was streaming a television show on her phone just before the crash.

Tempe, AZ - Details Released After Self-Driving Car Hits & Kills Elaine Herzberg at Mill AveProsecutors declined to file charges against Uber as a corporation, but they’re still considering whether to charge the driver behind the wheel in the crash that resulted in Herzberg’s death.

We would like to offer our condolences to the family of Elaine Herzberg at this time. 

Fatal Accidents in Arizona

Nearly 130,000 crashes occurred throughout the state last year, with almost 11,000 involving more than two drivers and multiple injuries or even fatalities. And according to data released by the Arizona Department of Transportation, these serious crashes, oftentimes resulting in fatalities, are on the rise.

Victims’ families often have to deal with insurance companies, emotional distress, and financial issues following fatal accidents. However, those affected can seek help from a personal injury lawyer and learn more about safeguarding their legal rights or seeking their fair compensation in the aftermath of a serious crash.

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