The Dangers of Rollover Crashes in Arizona

The Dangers of Rollover Crashes in Arizona

Rollovers crashes are when a car flips and rolls over–landing on its roof, on its side or even back on his wheels. There can be one rollover or a car can spiral through the air with many rollovers. These crashes are one of the most dangerous to be involved in and they produce the highest fatality rates when compared to other types of crashes. 

Statistically, rollovers don’t happen frequently, but when they do, the devastation and destruction they leave behind are considerable. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), more than 2,500 of these crashes take place each year in the state. In  2018, rollovers caused over 2,000 residents of Arizona to suffer serious injuries and 127 individuals lost their life.

The highest risk areas for rollovers to occur are on open, rural roads. Urban areas tend not to report high numbers of rollover accidents, mostly because of the condensed nature of the streets. However, on open rural roads, the speed limit tends to be higher and drivers push the envelope a bit more with their speed. Excessive speed, curvy roads, unexpected obstructions, or inclement weather can easily lead to loss of control of one’s vehicle and rollovers can result.

How Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

There are many factors that can cause rollovers. Here are some behaviors to avoid when you are driving to reduce your risk for a crash, specifically for a rollover.

  • Stick to the speed limit and don’t drive fast. Speed is a leading cause of why cars spiral through the air. Your reaction time is much more limited when you are driving at excessively high speeds and you are not going to be able to proactively avoid hazards when they pop up. If you hit something in the road or even a turn at a bad angle, your car overturning is a true reality.
  • Never drive inebriated from drugs or alcohol. Every aspect of your senses is impaired when you are under the influence. Your ability to make responsible decisions is decreased and you have poor motor control. The chances of passing out and falling asleep behind the wheel are greatly increased when you are drunk or high.
  • If another car sideswipes your vehicle that can through off the balance of your car. This may push you over to another lane or send you flying.
  • Car maintenance is so important for a number of reasons, but mostly to prevent car accidents. A blown tire, a bent axle, any type of mechanical malfunction can lead to a car accident including rollovers.

Do You Need A Car Accident Attorney In Arizona? 

The Dangers Of Rollover Crashes In ArizonaAny vehicle has the ability to overturn so taking care to drive safely reduces you and your passenger’s risk for serious injuries or death in an accident.  As an at-fault state, the individual who causes the crash is liable for the damages. Speaking to an Arizona car accident attorney will be the best way for you to recoup the costs associated with your damages.

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