The Most Common Bicycle Injuries After Arizona Accidents

The Most Common Bicycle Injuries After Arizona Accidents

Arizona’s warm climate and plentiful sun make bike riding very popular amongst visitors and residents. Bicycle riding is healthy and fun, but it doesn’t come without risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 467,000 bicycle-related injuries that occur every year across the country. Injuries to bicyclists can occur through rider error, overexertion or negligent behavior by other parties.

A common cause of bicycle accidents is when riders are hit by motor vehicles that either don’t see them or are not paying attention to their surroundings. All bicyclists are at risk when they go out on the roads for a ride, even the most cautious and experienced bicyclist can be hit by a negligent driver.

What Are The Common Injuries For Arizona Bicyclists Who Are Hit By Cars?

  • Broken bones are very common due to the immense force which comes from a car colliding with a human body. Upon impact, a bicyclist can be thrown off of their bikes and slam to the ground fracturing and shattering bones in the body. Shoulder fractures, broken legs, or arms, even trauma to the skull can occur when a bicyclist is hit by a car. When a rider is cognizant enough to try and break their fall, this is a sure way to break one’s wrists. All bones in the body are vulnerable to breaks during an accident. Severe fractures can take months to heal and the victim may never feel the same again. 
  • Brain damage from mild to severe can occur when the head is impacted after a car accident.  A helmet is essential to protect the skull and the brain. While a helmet will reduce a rider’s risk for serious injuries or death, in some accident situations, a helmet may not be enough to shield the head from significant injuries. Even when the skull is spared from fracture, the rapid movement of the brain smashing about inside the skull in an accident can lead to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Helmets are not enough to stop the brain from violently slamming against the skull during a crash and so they won’t be able to keep bicyclists from sustaining some level of TBI. TBI is a very serious injury and can lead to life-long pain and suffering.
  • Paralysis can occur when a bicyclist flies off of their bike and lands on either their head or their neck. The implications that paralysis has on the rest of the life of a rider are life-changing. When such significant changes occur in a person’s life, it isn’t just the physical pain and lifestyle adjustments that are difficult to cope with, but the emotional toll can be immense. An Arizona bicycle accident injury attorney can help you seek compensation for your damages.

Do You Need An Arizona Personal Injury Attorney?

The Most Common Bicycle Injuries After Arizona AccidentsHave you been hit by a car and sustained injuries as a result of your accident? You have legal rights that deserve to be protected and you deserve compensation to help you overcome and heal from your injuries and suffering. The Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG can help you by building a strong personal injury claim and taking on the insurance companies to fight on your behalf. 

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