The Most Common Summertime Accidents

The Most Common Summertime Accidents

Each season has specific injuries associated with it. Much of the reason has to do with weather patterns and the other has to do with the prevalence of holidays. The summer is unique because it has both holidays and warm weather with long days that lead people to engage in weather-related activities which can lead to injuries. Around the country, the summertime does bring sun, fun, and cheer as people get outside and enjoy more activities, but this also leads to this season where many accidents take place.

Summer motivates people to go out and be about their communities and be much more active than they may have been during the colder months. Without school, families are looking at vacation, and kids are looking at how to occupy their days with fun things to do. All of this combined means there are very summer-specific accidents

What Are The Most Common Summer Accidents?

Arizona Pool Accidents

When the lazy days are long and the weather hot, cooling off in the pool is the preferred way to go for most. The increase in pool use is heightened in the summer across the nation. Children are most vulnerable to pool accidents which is why it is prudent for parents or caregivers to always keep watch over young ones regardless of if there is a lifeguard on duty or not. Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional death and many drowning victims are children. Drowning isn’t the only hazard to watch out for. Slippery surfaces that come with the splashing of pools can cause people to slip and fall and sustain serious injuries.

Arizona Sports Accidents

While Arizona is mild throughout the year allowing people to easily go outside and play sports, there is an uptick in sports-related injuries in the summer. With schools out and more people home, the number of groups gathering for a game of basketball or soccer, for instance, increases. As such, so do the risks for an accident that results in an injury. Always wear the proper safety gear when you are playing sports and ensure that you and your children are staying up to date on your routine checkups with your doctor. Doing so will help you identify any issues that you may not have known existed. A concussion is an example of a sports-related injury that can occur and the victim may never know they sustained one.

Arizona Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Travel increases in the summer and also the inclination of people to go on leisurely rides to take in the scenery and warm air. The most commonly utilized modes of leisurely transportation during warmer periods are motorcycles and bikes. Everyone who is driving on the road should be vigilant of motorcyclists and bicyclists and safely share the roads with them. Likewise, bicyclists and motorcyclists need to be keenly aware of their environment and wear the proper safety gear every time they go out.

Car Accidents

Because travel increases, so do the incidents of car accidents. Never drive distracted, drunk, or if you are too tired. Follow all the rules of the road and don’t speed. Watch out for other aggressive drivers and stay alert to your surroundings. Most importantly always ensure that you and your passengers are wearing their seatbelts to reduce the severity of injuries or death in a car accident.

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