The Real Cost of Dog Bite Injuries in Phoenix

The Real Cost of Dog Bite Injuries in Phoenix

As loyal and loving as dogs are known to be with their owners, dogs are also animals. Dogs can be well-trained but still act on instinct. Sometimes, this can result in circumstances where “man’s best friend” can momentarily turn into a dangerous enemy. Dog bite attacks are most likely to happen at home, between the dog and its owners. While less likely, it’s still quite possible to be bitten by another person’s dog while visiting their home or even out in public. As most people are aware, dog bites can run the range from being a gentle nip to being fatal. But on average, what are the real cost of dog bite injuries in Arizona?

Dog Bite Medical Costs Are Rising

Regardless of whether the offending dog is owned by the person bitten or the dog bites someone else, 20% of all bites require medical attention. Additionally, one in every 13 requires some sort of emergency care. Because of rising medical costs in general, the average cost of an insurance claim for a dog bite has approached the area of $40,000 as of 2017. Compare this to the average cost in 2003, which was a little over $19,000. This is only the average cost though. Some bites are so horrific that they require reconstructive surgery to repair the damages. Obviously, these costs would quickly exceed the average and when it comes to fatal injuries, it’s hard to place a monetary value on human life.

Who’s Responsible For The Cost Of Dog Bite Injuries

Laws regarding the liability of a dog bite vary from state to state, but in Arizona, the dog owner is responsible for all damages, outside of two exceptions. This liability holds even if the dog has never bitten anyone before. One exception is if a dog bites someone who is illegally on the owner’s property. The other exception is if a dog was reasonably provoked. This is where an attorney experienced in dog bite cases can be so crucial. It may be the case where your actions did not provoke a dog, but the dog’s owner or insurance company may disagree and allege that you did provoke the animal. Legal battles such as this are best handled by an attorney, especially considering the amount of money at stake to cover medical bills and other expenses.

Bitten By A Dog? Call An Arizona Attorney Right Away

In Arizona, the statute of limitation on dog bite cases is only one year from the time of the attack. This is not a lot of time to act on, especially if you’re simultaneously trying to deal with the trauma of you or a loved one being bitten. In 2017, the total value of all dog bite insurance claims in the United States reached over $686 million. The last thing an insurance company wants to do is have to pay out on a sizeable claim. Arizona laws may be very favorable towards dog bite victims, but you shouldn’t rely on that to get you through your case. Call ELG Law at (623) 877-3600 for a free consultation. Our team of lawyers has over 55 years of combined attorney experience and can help you try to recover financially from the effects of an unprovoked attack from a dog. Again, the statute of limitation on dog bite claims is only one year. Act now and call ELG Law today.