Tips for Driving in the Fog

Tips for Driving in the Fog

Driving is a risky business and it is important for every driver to remember that when they hit the road, regardless of how safe and responsible they are as a driver, they are still putting themselves at risk for injuries or death. There are more than six million car accidents that take place every single year in the United States. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, like in the case where your car has a defect that you didn’t know about which takes place while you are behind the wheel. Most accidents, though, are the result of driver misjudgments.

The environment that we drive in impacts road safety significantly. Whether it be a sandstorm, driving at night, driving during heavy periods of rain, or driving when it is foggy, a driver who is on the road during inclement conditions is at a disadvantage. Drivers in these conditions are at an increased risk for a traffic accident. If you are hit by another driver whether it be in inclement environmental conditions or even on the sunniest perfect day, call the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG. The Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG only work on Arizona personal injury cases and we can review your case and provide you with the targeted options you have to obtain the most compensation possible for your damages.

How Does Fog Affect Driving?

Tips for Driving in the FogFog doesn’t often rise to the top of the most difficult environments to drive that people think of, but fog is one of the most perilous environments that a driver and their car occupants can be subject to. Fog does many things including significantly reducing visibility and the ability of other cars to see you. It can also distort where other vehicles are because it can be difficult to judge headlights. If at all possible, avoiding driving during foggy conditions is best recommended. 

If you are able to avoid driving during inclement conditions, that is a good thing. For many people though, not driving when the environmental conditions aren’t perfect isn’t a luxury that is at their disposal. If the weather and environmental conditions are not ideal when you are on the road and you have to drive, pay extra attention to your surroundings, and be extremely alert. 

Tips for driving in the fog include:

  1. Don’t speed. Slow your speed down so you can be more aware of your surroundings and so you have more time to figure out what is happening around you while also having the time to properly react to it. If you have the time and are able, pulling over while driving in fog and waiting for it to pass could improve your ability to stay safe.
  2. Don’t use the brightest headlights you have but keep headlights on so you are visible to other drivers.

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