Tips to Keep Your Child Safe From Injury Accidents

Tips to Keep Your Child Safe From Injury Accidents

Our little children are extremely vulnerable in accidents that can result in major injuries. We never want to see our children hurt but there are situations that are out of our control where our child could be injured. For instance, when you send your child to school or daycare you expect that they will be safe. There are numerous cases of parents who have trusted a provider to care for their child and they behaved in a negligent manner which resulted in an accident that injured the child. If your child was injured due to the negligence of a business, individual, or property owner, you should immediately seek the guidance of the Arizona serious injury attorneys at ELG.

What Child Injuries Can be Prevented?

The day you become a parent, your whole world, and point of view changes dramatically. You now have a very important job to care for and keep safe the little one you brought into the world. Most parents don’t need to be told to protect their children and just do it instinctively. Accidents are the leading cause of unintentional injuries in children aged 1 to 14 in the country.

While there is no limit to the ways a child can be severely or fatally injured, certain behaviors and actions you take can reduce your child’s injury risk:

  • Car Accidents: Car accidents can’t be avoided but always being alert when driving and not speeding, driving distracted, or driving while drowsy can reduce your chances of causing an accident. Focusing on driving and watching other driver’s behavior can also help, and it is critically important that your child is in an appropriate child restraint seat based on the guidelines in your state. 
  • Suffocation: Infants are at very high risk for suffocation, so ensure that you have your infant sleep alone, on their backs, in their crib. Think ABC (Alone, Back, Crib).
  • Drowning: Giving your child appropriate swimming instruction through classes or an instructor is important so that if your child is in water, they know what to do and how to react. Always make sure that your child has an approved life vest if they cannot swim strongly. Even if there is a lifeguard is on duty, there is nothing that beats the extra watchful eye of a parent laser-focused on their child in water to reduce drowning.
  • Choking: Children put things in their mouths all the time, there is no avoiding it. So keeping your eye on them to ensure they don’t try to eat anything they shouldn’t is important. But, it is equally important to put potentially dangerous or poisonous items up high, far away from your child’s reach. It is also prudent to lock the doors of where you put these items.
  • Home Fires: Keep the batteries fresh in your smoke alarms and monoxide detectors. Also, have an escape plan where there are two exits determined in your home and ensure that everyone in your family knows the plan well.

Do You Need Legal Representation After an Arizona Accident?

Tips To Keep Your Child Safe From Injury AccidentsIf your child was injured in an Arizona drowning accident or in any other situation where a negligent party was at-fault, the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG are here to provide you with legal representation. ELG will help you with your Arizona personal injury claim. Call our Arizona personal injury lawyers at (623) 877-3600 to schedule your free consultation.