Top Dangerous Driving Habits in Arizona

Top Dangerous Driving Habits in Arizona

Everybody has habits that are less than desirable, and some of these habits come with a great deal of risk attached to them. When you are behind the wheel, it isn’t hard to recognize drivers with very unsafe driving habits. Occasionally it comes from insufficient knowledge regarding safe driving, and sometimes drivers are simply disregarding the law for their own personal reasons. This kind of driver is a danger to himself as well as to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians with whom they share the roadway.


Top Dangerous Driving Habits in Arizona

You don’t really need to be told that it’s dangerous to speed. You already know that. Every public road in the United States has a speed limit. Speed limits are recommended by engineers who take into account the condition of the road, the number of cross streets, and whether or not the road sees a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Parking in Illegal Areas

Despite the fact that the majority of parking areas are closely monitored, drivers insist on parking in places where they are not supposed to, such as red zones, handicap accessible parking spots, and parking spaces with clearly-marked legal parking hours, just to name a few. 

Ignoring Traffic Signs

Fight the urge to run that stop sign. They exist for a reason, and even if absolutely no one is around, you should still obey them because it’s the law. Another car, a pedestrian, cyclist, or even a  police officer could show up at any given moment

Cell Phone Use

The majority of people use cell phones on a daily basis. They help us maintain contact with family, friends, and business associates. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to keep your mental focus and your eyes on your surroundings while you use your cell phone. 

Not Using Your Turn Signals

Executing a turn or changing lanes without using your turn signal is a risky move that can cause you, your passengers, and others on the road around you to get into an accident. Other drivers on the road can’t make a reasonable choice regarding their safety if you are changing lanes without first signaling your intention of doing so.

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